Single Parents season 1, episode 5 recap: Politician, Freemason, Scientist, Humorist and Diplomat, Ben Franklin


Single Parents deal with Halloween!

It’s a little bit weird that Single Parents would choose to do their Halloween themed episode tonight when next week falls on the literal holiday. Nevertheless, this is an entertaining thirty minutes even if each storyline feels too quick. To make the most of every plot, Miggy is sidelined to try and give the kids along with their parents as much time as possible.

Will gets the A plot this week as he deals with Sophie getting older. The two usually dial things up to eleven in order to celebrate the holiday. However, Sophie’s new second-grade friend isn’t really into Halloween so she requests her dad takes things down to a five. Will doesn’t react well but tries to keep things under control for the sake of his daughter. Things spiral out of control when it’s revealed Sophie’s friend, Carol, is actually an older pretentious boy.

Of course, Will doesn’t get along with someone who can’t unwind at all. Carol says something scarier than Halloween would be the news, and he only wants a tangy cheese compared to candy. Nevertheless, Will keeps a smile on his face until Carol ends up leaving. Turns out, he thinks Sophie is too much of a baby to like her. She sadly asks her dad why he’s not interested, and Will has a heart-to-heart with his daughter which ends in the two maniacally laughing as they plan their vengeance.

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Angie gets a story many single working moms can relate to on Single Parents. She has to work late and is afraid of telling her boss about needing to duck out to trick-or-treat with Graham. After sewing the spider costume together, she ends up leaving half the costume at work. However, she can’t exactly return after claiming her best friend Will died and she needed to leave early for a destination funeral.

Graham is naturally heartbroken, but Angie promises to make him a cooler costume. Unfortunately, he’s not impressed with her garbage-centric idea but says it’s okay because he knows work comes first. That’s the push Angie needs to go back to her job and admit she needed to leave early for Graham. It’s hard for women in a professional setting to gain respect, and many have a real worry about being seen as “weak” or not career minded enough because of their kids. This week’s episode definitely will resonate with a lot of viewers who have been in similar scenarios of being torn between work and family.

Meanwhile, Douglas meets the woman of his dreams while trick-or-treating with his kids. Poppy convinced him to don as Alvin the Chipmunk to match his daughters which ruins his evening. His dream woman immediately laughs at him in his chipmunk costume and he’s convinced that she’ll never see him differently. Poppy tries to prove he’s wrong by having the two reunite once Douglas is changed back into his regular costume. Sadly, the woman still sees the chipmunk and chooses to leave. It’s nice to see Poppy immediately stand up for Douglas despite the two being complete opposites.

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By the end of this episode of Single Parents, the kids all gather together for Sophie. They expertly arrange a horror scene in Carol’s backyard and absolutely terrify him. Will and Angie are caught running away by Carol’s parents who rightfully call them out for the sort of cruel immature prank. But parents will do anything for the children, so they run away before apologizing. At least someone recognized Rory as Edward Lewis from Pretty Woman by the end!

Miggy gets a pretty short plot this week as he tries to find baby Jack a costume. He waits till the last minute and ends up giving him an Annie wig with a dog body. His baby mama, Zara, loves it anyways so the day is saved. But it’s funny both Angie and Miggy give excuses which end with Will in mortal peril.

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