Single Parents season 1, episode 6 recap: Lettuce


Single Parents handle the flu and casual dating!

It’s cold season on this episode of Single Parents and everyone is worried about catching the flu. However, that’s not the only bug going around in “Lettuce”. Love is in the air as Douglas realizes a crush he has forming while Will gets a date.

With the flu ravaging the elementary school, all of the parents plan on getting their kids inoculated. Douglas refuses because his family “never” gets sick. Not to mention, if he were to ever get the flu then the girls would lose all respect for him. Angie hasn’t gotten Graham his flu shot yet either, but that’s because he’s terrified of it. Luckily, she has the perfect doctor who’s usually able to calm him down enough. Turns out Dr. Dewan (Hannah Simone), is Will’s hero and he begs to tag along.

Angie ultimately agrees but says Will can’t embarrass her. She’s trying to get on the “mist list”, the list of patients who get a flu mist instead of a shot. However, Will isn’t able to keep his mouth shut when Dr. Dewan begins to judge Angie’s inability to feed Graham vegetables. Angie forces him to apologize, but it turns out Will’s parenting style and the fact that he adores her make Dr. Dewan like him.

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Single Parents makes good use of Miggy this week as Will’s love guru. While it’s a little weird to see him bounce back in the dating scene since the premiere episode had Will crash and burn in a terrible way, it’s easy to overlook. Miggy tells him to text a random word to Dr. Dewan and see how long it takes her to answer. She responds shockingly quick to “lettuce” with some sexts that have him bragging to the other parents.

His excitement is cut short when Angie demands he end things. Will begrudgingly agrees and Miggy suggests he “mailman” her by showing up unannounced at her house. Unfortunately, this only makes her like Will more and the two end up having casual sex. He excitedly tells Miggy afterward but now needs new advice on how to end things. Miggy finally comes clean about just pretending to be an expert at girls because it made him feel cool. In reality, he’s still holding out his hope that Zara, his best friend and baby mama, will come back from college so the two can be together.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey catches the flu and needs Poppy’s help. She nurses him back to his usual self after she finds him on the floor at the pharmacy. During his loopy fever phase, he admits to Rory that he has a crush on Poppy. Rory gets his best scenes yet as he gleefully blackmails Douglas to take him shopping. Douglas offers to give Rory his grandfather’s watch if the blackmail ends which causes Rory to realize that his crush is genuine.

It seemed like Single Parents was working towards a Will/Angie pairing rather than Douglas/Poppy. Yet the latter two have a truly touching scene when Douglas shows up to comfort a sick Poppy. He admits that he has feelings for her but Poppy passes out before she can hear. It’s sweet and even if it doesn’t work out romantically, they’re a strong pairing.

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While Will and Dr. Dewan are definitely going to crash and burn on the future, for now, it’s helping Angie. She gets on the mist list and books a private session with Master Gary, the twins’ karate teacher. Definitely not a bad week for her. But speaking of the twins, they hilariously defy their father following his bout with sickness. It’s funny to see their cute defiance ultimately resolve once Douglas tricks them into thinking he died.

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