Single Parents season 1, episode 8 recap: The Beast


The single parents take on hobbies!

As a single parent, it can be hard to carve out time for yourself. “The Beast” has Will and Angie try to rediscover the things they used to be passionate about before they had kids. While the comedy here is a bit hit-or-miss, Leighton Meester and Taran Killam are so dedicated to the performance it’s hard not to laugh. The same can be said for Douglas’ attempts to woo Big Red this week, but at least Single Parents tries a new pairing by having Miggy join his storyline.

Rolling up to the school car wash listening to metal music and dumping food wrappers from her car, Angie catches all of the other parents by surprise. Graham happily informs them his mom is a big Korn fan who once wanted to join a metal band and learn to play guitar. Will finds it hilarious but ultimately encourages his friend to give her dreams a second chance.

He buys Angie a certificate for guitar lessons and she chooses to go because she won’t pass up free stuff. Unfortunately, the other moms dropping off their kids judge her about taking “me time”. Angie refuses to follow through and angrily tells Will she was driven away by the guilt. He doesn’t understand, because Will never has to get mom-shamed. However, she points out that he also needs to follow his dreams of getting back into weather chasing. He spends most of this episode at his kitchen counter tracking a cyclone storm via a laptop.

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Of course, Will says no but Angie tricks him into anyways. Things don’t go well since the two end up getting the car stuck during the storm. Inspiring Will to embrace his former alter-ego, The Beast, the two are able to push the car out of the mud. Excited by being back in the action, he also has Angie pretend to be a weatherman reporting the news. Unfortunately, she gets hit by some debris and goes flying. Nevertheless, the two are happy they got to spend their day trying to pursue some fun. Angie even admits she liked seeing Will as The Beast, which hints at some future romance between the two.

Meanwhile, Douglas runs back into Big Red at the beginning of this episode of Single Parents. She still hasn’t shown any interest in him but her friend is immediately attracted to Miggy. Seeing his opening, Douglas offers to buy Miggy a new suit and take him on a double date. Initially, Miggy doesn’t want to since he’s holding out for Zara. But Douglas promises this will make Zara jealous and realize she’s into him.

Considering this is the worst advice ever, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that things don’t work out. Miggy arrives at the date late because Zara was actually supportive of his decision to date. While Douglas does talk him into staying, he immediately breaks down about the situation with Zara. The girls love the poor guy and Douglas once again finds himself at a dead end.

However, Miggy is better at love than everyone expects. He encourages Douglas to actually ask Big Red about her rather than bragging about himself. Especially since he doesn’t even know her name, which is Candace (never Candy). Douglas, in turn, tells Miggy to be upfront with Zara so he can finally learn where he stands with her. Sadly, she isn’t interested in dating him and Douglas bails on his date early to go comfort him. It’s nice to see Single Parents explore the friendship dynamics between the different characters.

Poppy is stuck with all of the kids in “The Beast” which ends up being a fun subplot. She’s smitten with a piano player from the wine bar. She and Sophie typically watch a show which sounds like Downton Abbey but today they gossip about boys. After telling the young girl about her deep infatuation, Sophie tells her to go for it. Rallying all of the kids together, they hilariously give Poppy the worst ever date outfit complete with star stickers to the face.

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When they all show up at the wine bar to hear the guy play, he’s completely awful. His song is all about hating his parents, step-parents, and everyone in between. Poppy’s heard enough to give up on that dream, but she’s still confident about finding love someday.

The end of “The Beast” has Douglas, Miggy, Poppy, and Sophie all sitting in the sauna with Douglas’ tailor. Unfortunately, after spending most of the episode falling asleep, the tailor appears to have died. Will’s definitely going to have an uncomfortable discussion with Sophie later that night!

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