Single Parents season 1, episode 7 recap: They Call Me DOCTOR Biscuits!


The single parents try not to meddle in their kids’ lives!

The school is putting on a production of Grease and most of the kids are taking part. Single Parents tackles an issue almost every parent has to deal with: intervening on your child’s behalf. Angie and Poppy both struggle when their sons get less than ideal parts in the play which sets up some tension between the moms. In the meantime, Will tries to figure out how to be honest with Sophie about his dating life.

Meeting at their typical table at the school, the parents all discuss their latest issues. Douglas encourages Will to lie about his girlfriend and continue lying if she questions him. Poppy and Angie are both sympathetic as well because they’ve both had to hide boyfriends from their kids. However, this is new territory for Will who has never lied to his daughter about anything.

Unfortunately, when Sophie finds Dr. Dewan’s earring under the couch things begin to unravel. She immediately worries that she’s really sick if her doctor had to make a house call. To calm her down, Will claims she’s actually been awarded “The Healthiest Kid In America”. The two celebrate until Sophie begins investigating this so-called award.

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Douglas isn’t afraid of any child though and quickly helps his friend cement the lie. Sophie is more than willing to play a game of chicken with the adults though and a game begins. She texts Dr. Dewan from Will’s phone (his password is Al Roker’s birthday) to interrogate her about this called award. In order to continue her relationship with Will, Dr. Dewan agrees to play along but Sophie trips her up almost immediately. Douglas valiantly steps in, but Will decides the truth is the best thing even if he loses her trust.

In the meantime, Grant and Rory are suffering a theatrical crisis. Instead of the lead, Rory lands the part of Vic Fontaine in Grease while Grant somehow gets cast as Danny Zuko. Angie comforts her terrified son while Poppy has to console Rory from his supporting role.

This is probably the only time Poppy has come off as unlikable in Single Parents. She pretends to meddle in the theater department to help Grant. But in truth, she introduces herself to the new drama teacher, Doctor Biscuits, to help Rory get a larger part. It’s a selfish move, and luckily Angie calls her out on it by the end of the episode. When Doctor Biscuits puts the two feuding moms up on stage to work out their problems, Poppy refuses to make eye contact. Making an apologetic monologue to an audience compared to the actual person you wronged isn’t an apology. The two make up, but Doctor Biscuits still bans them from the play.

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The twins and Miggy team up for a small side plot where they remodel his car for Grease Lightning. However, the funniest scene of the episode is having Graham and Rory reenact the play by themselves for the parents. At least Graham apparently made it through the musical without having a nervous breakdown and remembering all of his lines.

Single Parents continues to improve from week to week as the show begins to hit a stride. While the series has had some difficulty working Miggy into the main plot, most storylines have been solid. Not to mention, the kids have officially become the stars of the show.

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