Elseworlds: What have the heroes been up to this season?


Before tonight’s kickoff of the three-part Arrowverse crossover event, Elseworlds, here’s a recap of what Oliver, Barry, and Kara have been up to.

Let’s be real. It takes a lot of time and commitment to keep up with three or more Arrowverse shows each week all season. Maybe you’ve fallen behind this year. Maybe you’ve chosen to only watch your favorite show(s).

Either way, here’s everything you need to know from the first half of Arrow‘s seventh season, The Flash‘s fifth season and Supergirl‘s fourth season before tonight’s Elseworld’s premiere.

Oliver Queen

For most of the season, Ollie wasn’t the Green Arrow. He was Inmate 4587 at Slabside Maximum Security Prison, and he wasn’t always the hero we’ve come to know. He started out in self-preservation mode, simply wanting to keep his head until he could be reunited with Felicity and his son William, who were in witness protection.

But after his nemesis Ricardo Diaz attacked Felicity and William, who was subsequently sent abroad to boarding school for protection, Oliver made it his mission to take down Diaz and to stop turning a blind eye to injustices on the inside.

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That mission was derailed when he was tortured psychologically, electrically shocked, drugged up and experimented on by prison employees attempting to reprogram his brain. However, thanks to Felicity and Laurel, aka Black Siren, the program was shut down, and Oliver was set to be released from Slabside soon in exchange for helping the FBI in their case against Diaz, who was captured by Team Arrow.

When Diaz arrived at Slabside and threatened to kill Oliver’s loved ones, though, Oliver broke out of his cell, and Diaz started a riot by releasing the other prisoners. Oliver stabbed Diaz and locked him in his cell and then reunited with Felicity and Diggle.

Now on the outside, Oliver has returned to being the Green Arrow, but he’s unmasked and working as a special deputy of the SCPD.

Barry Allen

Barry took on fatherhood this season, a little earlier than he’d expected to. His and Iris’ adult daughter Nora, a fellow speedster known as XS, traveled to the past to meet the father she’d never known due to his disappearance in 2024.

She’s not the only metahuman from the future. Cicada is a villain from Nora’s time, but the timeline changed. He gained powers after being struck by DeVoe’s satellite at the end of season four and started murdering other metahumans.

Barry began mentoring Nora. She was eager to fight alongside him but acted like a reckless novice speedster, not unlike season one Barry. As it turned out, she is a newbie. Iris suppressed her powers, presumably in an attempt to protect her, so Nora didn’t learn of her abilities until recently.

To stop Cicada, Barry and Nora traveled back through Team Flash’s timeline to gather equipment from various missions. At Nora’s encouragement, Barry reluctantly turned Eobard Thawne for help when their plan got off track. Thawne agreed to assist them, and Barry later revealed to Nora that Thawne killed his mother.

Cicada remains at large, though Team Flash was briefly able to remove the dagger giving him power. Nora is now back in the future, 2049, and planning to confront Thawne, who is in Iron Heights.

Kara Danvers

Kara has had a rough season so far. Anti-alien sentiment has been rising in National City, fueled by a figure known as Agent Liberty, and his followers, the Children of Liberty. Kara, Alex, J’onn and James have been trying to keep the peace and prove that aliens are not the enemy. But that’s easier said than done.

Kara was briefly down for the count after Agent Liberty’s associates, the Graves siblings, poisoned the atmosphere with Kryptonite. Thanks to Lena, Kara soon returned to the front lines, but another complication arose.

The new president, Baker, who took over after Lynda Carter’s President Marsdin was outed as an alien, assigned Colonel Haley to oversee the DEO as Director Danvers’ commanding officer. Haley initially refused to see the anti-alien movement as a DEO matter, forcing Alex and Kara to continue investigating under the radar.

With help from Nia, Brainy, and Alex, Kara is able to identify and capture Agent Liberty, aka Ben Lockwood, and he is sent to prison. However, President Baker is dismayed that the DEO now appears to be against a “human rights activist.”

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Believing transparency to be critical, Baker demands that Supergirl reveal her true identity. Kara insists that she would be putting her loved ones at risk, but Baker refuses to back down. In the end, Kara keeps her secret, so Baker fires her from the DEO.

Elseworlds begins tonight at 8pm with The Flash. It continues tomorrow at 8pm with Arrow and concludes Tuesday at 8pm with Supergirl. Will you be tuning? Let us know in the comments section below.