The Walking Dead unseats Game of Thrones as most pirated show


Despite the ratings hit this year, The Walking Dead is doing well in pirated views.

There’s no real way around it, The Walking Dead has been through some tough times in the last few years.  The good news (or perhaps bad if you’re an AMC executive) is that while The Walking Dead is no longer the ratings juggernaut it once was, there are still plenty of fans out there as evidenced by a TorrentFreak report that The Walking Dead was the most pirated show in 2018.

Then again maybe it shouldn’t be quite so surprising.  Despite The Walking Dead’s highly publicized rating drops, there were still several significant events that happened on The Walking Dead in 2018.

The year started off with Carl’s death which had been built up by AMC several months beforehand.

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Later in the year was also the season 8 finale which brought to a conclusion the war against Negan and the Saviors which had been going on for the last two seasons.

Then, of course, there was the fifth episode of season 9 which saw the exit of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes.

The other thing to consider is that since folks by and large no longer consider The Walking Dead to be must-see appointment viewing that they might have a few years ago, it’s not hard to believe that fans would opt to watch the show on their own time instead, especially if they don’t have DVR.

Other fan boy favorite shows have found it’s way onto the list including several Arrowverse properties including The Flash at number 2.  There was also DC Universe’s first attempt at original programming Titans, finding its way at number 5.

Read the entire top 10 list below:

  1. The Walking Dead
  2. The Flash
  3. The Big Bang Theory
  4. Vikings
  5. Titans
  6. Arrow
  7. Supernatural
  8. Westworld
  9. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
  10. Suits   

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For the previous six years, HBO’s Game of Thrones had topped the list.  However, given that HBO opted not to air any new Game of Thrones episodes in 2018 and wait until 2019 to air the show’s final season, it should come as no surprise that it’s suddenly nowhere to be found on this year’s list.  Don’t be too surprised though if the show finds itself back on top next year.

Are you surprised to find The Walking Dead at the top of the list?  Will Game of Thrones be making a comeback for 2019?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section.