Single Parents season 1, episode 15 recap: A Cash-Grab Cooked up by the Crepe Paper Industry


The single parents celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This week’s episode is the first big misstep Single Parents has suffered this season. The Valentine’s Day episode is full of odd set-ups and weird situations for the group to deal with. While the pairings have worked in the past, there isn’t one strong storyline which stands out over the rest.

Pal-entine’s Day

Miggy is excited to receive a bouquet of flowers from Will asking him to be his Pal-entine. Unfortunately, he’s distraught to find out Will actually sent flowers to everyone before him. The two run into Angie at the grocery store who has an unusual shopping cart. Some items include twelve boxes of condoms, precut radishes, and others to form a sad combination. Originally she claims it’s for an epic night with Owen but admits it’s actually because she’s a grocery delivery person for an app called “Beck and Call”.

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The boys offer to help her with her list because she’s trying to get a “golden cart” which could get her some extra cash. Angie needs the money to pay for one of Graham’s field trips that she’s been casually ignoring. On their final delivery, it turns out the house belongs to one of the judgy moms, Jackie, from a previous episode.

Immediately freaked out, Angie tosses the food into the bushes before pretending like she was mistakenly invited to the event. While she’s able to casually blend in, Jackie gives Angie’s secret profile a terrible review because her groceries weren’t delivered. She calls Will for help and he rushes inside along with a reluctant Miggy.

The three get to work trying to steal Jackie’s phone so they can fix the review and Angie still has a shot at the golden cart. Despite some really awkward situations, they’re able to eventually get their hands on the phone. Will encourages her to tell the truth but Angie is embarrassed that as a single mom she makes much less money than Jackie and her Gotham writing husband.

Will and Miggy get in a fight over the bathroom trying to craft the perfect review which allows Jackie the time to track down her phone. She’s horrified to find the boys in her bathroom but Will claims he’s the Beck and Call account. Miggy, inspired by his friend, announces he’s actually the Beck and Call delivery guy. Eventually, Angie comes clean and tells Jackie her financial troubles. Shockingly, Jackie is sympathetic and gives her a solid review because her life isn’t perfect either.

The Perfect Valentine

Douglas is babysitting the kids (minus Rory) for Valentine’s Day on Single Parents. Unfortunately, Big Red shows up because she’s ready to sleep with him. She doesn’t want to wait so he appeases her by promising to put the kids to bed right away.

Unsurprisingly, the kids don’t want to go to sleep at 6 PM. Not to mention, Graham is a mess after the latest girl he has a crush sent him a very personal Valentine’s Day card. He wimped out and only sent her an average one. Graham refuses to go to sleep until he’s crafted the perfect card to make up for this oversight.

Despite Douglas’ best attempts and the twins’ stalling tactics, Big Red eventually gets ready to leave. Upon discovering what Graham’s problem is, she takes him to a pharmacy to pick out fifteen dollars worth of Valentine’s merchandise. The group travels to the young lady’s house where Graham is able to smooth-talk her into being his girlfriend thanks to Douglas’ advice.

Big Red is so moved by the whole situation that she realizes she wants something more. The two don’t sleep together but she genuinely wants a relationship with him. However, Sophie realizes she has feelings for Graham by the end of this episode of Single Parents. This will certainly make things awkward if the show chooses to get Angie and Will together.


Poppy and Mark get a minor plot with Rory sucking the two into a game called “Scenarios”. It’s meant to prove that the couple isn’t compatible and is genuinely awkward. By the end of this episode, it’s revealed the two have only been dating for two weeks. It doesn’t seem like a deep relationship and it’s a little weird Mark would want to spend his night playing such an invasive game.

Again, Single Parents hasn’t figured out what to do with Rory. Why are all of the kids having a sleepover he’s not at? The game doesn’t even offer up much in the story since Poppy and Mark decide to separate by the end.

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Rory and Poppy do get a sweet scene in the end where he admits he had a good time with Mark. He seems to want a family unit like that and Poppy promises she’ll find the right person in the future.

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