Single Parents season 1 midseason premiere recap: The Elusive Zazz


The single parents deal with apologies!

While Single Parents got off to a so-so start, we didn’t realize how much we missed the show until tonight’s midseason premiere. The show has really hit its stride and this week’s episode confidently splits the cast into two for each of the plot lines. Both storylines are equally entertaining, a nice change of pace from some of the throwaway Miggy plots we’ve had in the past.

When the twins write “farts” onto Graham’s head right before Picture Day, Angie is stuck dealing with the aftermath. After scrubbing his head in the bathroom, Sophie suggests they attempt to use coverup. Instead, Angie marches to Douglas’ house to demand he gets the twins to apologize. However, Douglas hasn’t raised his daughters to apologize for anything. With this in mind, Angie decides its time to take matters into her own hands and force the girls to form a moral compass.

She hosts a sleepover where she keeps the cheesy popcorn hostage until the twins apologize. Of course, they stand firm in their refusal to say sorry. Angie isn’t ready to give up though, and she splits the girls up to try to get them to cave separately. It can’t be stated enough just how funny the twins are on this show. They confidently see right through all of Angie’s tactics because they’ve seen “two Law & Order‘s”. However, just as Angie has given up, they write apology letters for Graham out of sheer boredom. After triumphantly sending a picture to Douglas, the girls leave to devour popcorn.

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Of course, Single Parents isn’t going to give Angie the win that easily. When she wakes up the next morning, it turns out the twins have also drawn on her face. Donning an old school mustache, she marches the group (minus Sophie) to Douglas’ once again. He finds it hilarious but reiterates his refusal to make the girls apologize. While Graham doesn’t really care about his new face tattoo, he’s furious about his mother’s. In a moment of unexpected rage, he demands the girls say sorry to his mother or he’s prepared to throw down.

It’s a cute moment for Graham and proves that he’s not “weak” for loving his mother. Angie tells Douglas that his girls need a pack to survive, which means being nice to his friends. If he’s not going to encourage them to apologize then she’s not going to tell Graham to stand down. The kids spend their most of their “rumble” just circling each other in the street. However, when Angie starts yelling for Graham to “Hit ’em!” he finally makes a move. Douglas quickly interrupts though, realizing that he’s in the wrong. He tells the girls to apologize since Graham is their friend and promises to make things right with Angie.

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The other plot of this week’s Single Parents involves all of their other parents and Rory. Will is trying to get back into the weather game after running into an old friend at the store. She offers him an opportunity to audition for the local LA news channel. Worried about not having enough charisma for television, he recruits the group to check out his taped audition. However, it’s an aggressive take on the weather with a lot of lame burns. Miggy offers to fix Will’s hair, Rory to help with acting, and Poppy to act as a fake anchorman.

Unfortunately, everything gets messy when Poppy’s news stories distract him, Miggy keeps switching the hairstyles, and Rory just yells out different emotional responses which confuse Will. Ultimately, the new audition tape is somehow worse than the original video. He’s ready to concede, but Sophie is back from her sleepover with Graham to offer some advice. Her dad gives her the weather every morning so she can properly pick out boots. She knows he can take any job as long as he’s just himself.

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Thankfully, Will lands the job of substitute weatherman for the hours of 5 AM to 7 AM on Sunday’s. He doesn’t care though since this is just one step closer to his best job. Not everyone gets a happy ending since Angie still wasn’t able to get the permanent marker off of Graham’s forehead. At least the twins make Graham an oversized hat which says “Cool” on it as a way to make up for their prank. In the meantime, Douglas offers to let Angie write anything she wants on his forehead. She quickly writes “Butts” on it (Douglas expected worse) which causes Sophie to laugh during her photo. It’s the first decent picture day photo, which seems like a reward for helping everyone.

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“The Elusive Zazz” does make us wonder if Rory is as close with the other kids as initially thought. Why wouldn’t he be invited to a sleepover if the rest of his friends were there? In the past, it seems like he’s just been relegated to the background when it comes to group scenes with all of the children. It would be interesting if Rory simply hangs out with others just because their parents are friends.

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