You’re The Worst season 5, episode 7 recap: Zero Eggplants


Gretchen again pushes new friends away, while Jimmy’s ponders their end of life plan.  The You’re the Worst wedding date is fast approaching. Gretchen and Jimmy are dealing with the planning in extremely different ways.

This episode opens with Gretchen in a dead man’s float in the middle of a pool. Lindsey is oblivious to all but her wonderfully garnished drink. For the last couple of weeks, You’re the Worst has shown flashes of a relationship that was dead in the water. At this point, the only sure thing in the present is Gretchen will end Jimmy’s life if Jimmy keeps up the nighttime nonsense.

Gretchen is shown at the end going through a wall of medications. Whichever doctors gave that much pharmaceuticals to Gretchen, and expected her to manage it properly, should have their license revoked. Gretchen is going through a major episode, brought on by the wedding decisions. Jimmy is too selfish to care about Gretchen as a person, and just wants back in her good graces for his own benefit.

Grethen really wanted to connect with Jimmy on You’re the Worst. She wanted to come home to Jimmy weeks ago as a blissful bride to be. Now, with even more complex emotions churning around her head, Gretchen is breaking. There is not much Jimmy can do to redeem his floral fermata.

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Even when Gretchen begs for some fun with new friends, Jimmy’s first answer is “hard pass.” As a broken couple, they need no new friends, in Jimmy’s opinion. Gretchen overrides Jimmy and clings to her new best buddy. Within minutes Gretchen’s desperation to open up is obvious. There are no secrets.

Quinn knows about the florist, through some married couple telepathy. Gretch told Rachel. Never stop drinking indeed. If present with a floral opportunity, be like a drone with a return home button. Gretchen wants female friends and Jimmy to eat an eggplant, figuratively it turns out.

Gretchen has never balanced so much in her life. She finally became a professional at work. She has found someone she was comfortable with and wanted to grow old with. Until Jimmy went floral in a black metal bathroom. Now, Jimmy is on Grindr and they’ve become an untenable married couple before the wedding.

Jimmy is quite gullible, so the offs of his future Gretchen retribution is true. Gretchen will trick him into some fatal mistake. If Jimmy is willing to fall for the Grindr tricks of Quinn, what else will he fall for? Quinn had the full mouth de-sanitation kit, for when he has to eat eggplants for his wife. The chances for Gretchen and Jimmy’s open relation style arrangement continuing is possible, but this swinging couple is starting to seem a bit odd.

If would never work anyways. Jimmy is new to the Grindr rando situation and received a zero eggplant review. Gretchen is a publicist, she knows eggplants and she knows reviews. Gretchen is now jealous of two oral situations Jimmy participated in without her approval. Gretchen is wanting kids, and a stable, faithful husband. Gretchen does not know if she should be a mom, so she needs to know the father will care. Jimmy is failing these new tests.

Jimmy is way too happy to have had completed Gretchen’s redemption task on You’re the Worst. Gretchen having Jimmy taste his own sperm, then Jimmy realizing all his literary heroes were eggplant enthusiast, is not unconnected.

Now every gathering with Quinn and Rachel will be the most awkward setting ever for Jimmy but does give Gretchen some verbal ammunition. She can cut deep, and now Jimmy is actually up two sexual encounters while Gretchen only has a new friend. She does not have that friends grandma’s comb in her bra, any longer. What a terrible accusation.

Not as terrible as the accusations thrown out at dinner. While Quinn, Rachel, and Jimmy were all being chummy, Gretchen was witnesses her life’s nightmare. So she blew up, cried, played dumb, and told the two new faces she was uncomfortable with to leave.

As soon as the door shut on that small adventure with human connection, Gretchen was perfectly fine. Jimmy had paid some debt of humiliation, and she was game to go down the stairs and eat an eggplant. It took Jimmy just an instant, and he took off after her. Again though, Jimmy did so for his benefit, not Gretchen’s.

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Gretchen was to be terrible together, with kids possibly. Jimmy wants to be terrible, just for the stories. His story still does not fully involve Gretchen. Gretchen is starting to notice. How will she deal with the fallout, or will she really deal with it at all?

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