You’re The Worst season 5, episode 11 recap: Four Goddamn More Days


You’re the Worst has had fans anxiously waiting for a big reveal on wedding details.

Gretchen has been putting off her part of the You’re the Worst wedding planning. Last we saw her, she was sabotaging her big musical publicity event because she could not make a tough decision. Instead of being tough, she went rogue and disappointed everyone instead of just having a slight problem with the new Honey Nuts.

A wedding is a tough decision. It is even tougher as the newest person in the unemployment line, which Gretchen is. Worse, she has not been honest with Jimmy for weeks, about more than just her being fired. The self-medicating, and the lying by faking work, which makes her wedding planning procrastination look even worse, it all adds up to a problem bigger than the sum of its parts.

Jimmy is oblivious. He has his expected short-lived anger over the movie re-write but is immersed in wedding planning. Besides, the house is paid for already. Who needs one more movie credit, when he has some royalties and plenty of time to write another book? He will also have Gretchen, sexy, professionally engaged Gretchen.

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Edgar knows the gig will soon be up. The medication cabinet is down to the last few bottles. Those are either the worst of the bunch or the weak stuff that will do nothing but aggravate Gretchen. So Edgar finally stages a one-man intervention. He convinces Gretchen to be totally honest with Jimmy, despite her fears.

Jimmy and Gretchen are far more of a burden on Edgar, while Edgar is probably the only reason either of the others have any semblance of an organized home. Edgar may be the only character on the show who learned self respect by really investing in himself.

Jimmy’s reaction would tell her if Jimmy was truly committed to her. Jimmy is not scared of Gretchen being fired. She can find her way, with him. However, the lying and duplicitous behavior scares him. His face at the end showed all the fears of a man with time left to run away from a toxic situation.

Jimmy could deal with Gretchen, if she were honest. She has mental issues that needed balancing in a far more professional setting than Edgar’s bathroom and a golf course for dog walking. With Gretchen big honesty dump, he now has issues that no man have ever found a way to solve.

And there is only Four Goddamn More Days til the You’re the Worst wedding. Gretchen does not have to fail at everything, even when she tries. She could try on the white wedding dress, but the flash forward shoes her wearing funeral black.

That wedding dress was jinxing by Jillian anyways, or whatever is the Scientologist equivalent to voodoo. Jillian’s demeanor convinced me there must be something like that, and my optimistic side says Gretchen knows to avoid that, in any state.

She also knows that if she can just convince Jimmy to show up and get hitched, he will never bother with all the paperwork divorce requires. The ruse is up however, and so is Jimmy’s suspicious radar that leads to running away.

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With only a couple episodes left until You’re the Worst is put to bed, the honeymoon period is officially over after five seasons and eleven episodes. It seems that veneer of the wedding is finally faded for Jimmy, and Gretchen was always under a cloud of doom. She just hid it well.

How much longer can You’re the Worst hide the biggest, dirtiest, worst events and comments around this wedding? Will it actually happen? The suspense has fans more riled up than a sexually confused Lindsey after being fired.