Killing Eve: The cat-and-mouse chase continues in final season 2 trailer


The final trailer for Killing Eve season 2 is all about obsession.

Is Villanelle a misunderstood romantic at heart? The final trailer for season 2 shines the spotlight on her complex dynamic with Eve Polastri as she breaks out of a hospital. Much like the first season of Killing Eve, the trailer promises more dark humor, violence, and tension in the upcoming episodes.

Spoiler Warning for Killing Eve Season 1

"“Sometimes when you love someone, you will do crazy things.”"

Villanelle (Jodie Comer) repeats the line throughout the trailer and it seems to make it clear her focus is one hundred percent directed towards Eve (Sandra Oh). The two women were able to meet in last year’s finale but it wound up having disastrous consequences for Villanelle.

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Season 2 will pick back up with the fallout, having Eve deal with stabbing the woman she’s become obsessed with and Villanelle being betrayed by someone she may have fallen in love with. It’s an intriguing relationship to watch play out onscreen because Villanelle seems to love her lifestyle as a wildcard assassin to ever give it up out of love. Yet, Eve has become enraptured with the chase and admires someone with such talent.

Killing Eve is bound to explore what that means for both women throughout these upcoming episodes. Would Eve ever abandon her morals to join Villanelle? Could Villanelle ever go straight for someone else? Both seem unlikely, but one thing is for sure: the two will definitely be back to chasing one another.

Along for the ride is Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) who still is desperate to catch the assassin who has eluded her for so long. Kenny (Sean Delaney), her son, is also back as Eve’s exasperated ally who can’t believe she stabbed Villanelle and survived. The trailer also gives fans a brief glimpse of Elena (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) who will probably factor into the story more this season since she is one of Eve’s closest friends.

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It doesn’t seem like Eve’s husband Niko (Owen McDonnell) makes an appearance in the trailer, but he should definitely fear for his safety with Villanelle still running around. No word yet on whether Konstantin also survived his confrontation with his protege but here’s hoping Killing Eve gives us another scene with his daughter and Villanelle!

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