AMC gives WonderCon fans NOS4A2 first look, premiere date


The new series from AMC, based on Joe Hill’s supernatural story, is set to hit screens in June. Check out the creepy trailer for NOS4A2 below.

In news from WonderCon in Anaheim today, Deadline has published the first look trailer and release date for the upcoming AMC series, NOS4A2. The show, starring Ashleigh Cummings and Zachary Quinto, is set to premiere after the season five premiere of Fear the Walking Dead on June 2.

According to the report, subscribers to AMC Premiere will have access to the entirety of the first season of NOS4A2 that day. The pilot episode had its official world premiere earlier this year at South by Southwest. Early reviews from IGN, Slash Film and Bloody Disgusting are relatively positive, especially praising Quinto’s performance. After watching the trailer, you can start to see why.

Adapted from the Joe Hill novel of the same name, NOS4A2 is about Vic McQueen and the evil, immortal Charlie Manx. Manx, to stay immortal, feeds off the souls of children (logically) and deposits their remains into “Christmasland.” McQueen, our young hero, will try to stop him.

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The unsettling trailer gives us plenty of Quinto being extra creepy and Cummings being awesome on a motorcycle. But there are also some incredibly striking images in the trailer. A child being let into a car full of Christmas presents and then, after the car door shuts, we see his mother on the ground screaming for him.

There’s also clips of Cummings’ McQueen at home listening to her parents fight and argue, clearly setting up a situation where she wants to escape some of the reality she’s stuck with. She takes her motorcycle (and a friend) to an old, rickety bridge and drives across it. And…winds up transported somewhere else. This bridge was in the woods, but she comes out in the middle of a city street where a mysterious person meets her.

From there, it’s all about destiny. It’s up to her to find the lost children.

Meanwhile, there’s an eerie shot of Manx and his assistant in what looks like a graveyard while the voiceover talks about “Christmasland.” Then, there are shots of a child turning into some sort of demon vampire thing and that just takes the cake in terms of nightmare fuel.

All of this has the makings of an exhilarating supernatural horror that seems appropriate of the son of Stephen King. Deadline’s report also mentioned that the trailer was a big hit with fans at WonderCon who attended the show’s panel.

Sarah Barnett is quoted in the Deadline article as saying:

"“Fear remains one of the most successful dramas on cable with a passionate fanbase who we think will love NOS4A2, a suspenseful and electrifying character drama set against the backdrop of supernatural horror.”"

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In other words, if you like what AMC has been giving you with Fear the Walking Dead, make sure to stick around because NOS4A2 is the show for you.

Are you excited for NOS4A2? Let us know your thoughts on this new AMC show in the comments.