Shadowhunters season 3B, episode 16 recap: Stay with Me


Magnus is rejecting Lorenzo’s magic, while Clary falls deeper into the darkness with Jonathan. Can their friends save them in the latest episode of Shadowhunters?

Heidi has been killed by Maia Roberts, thereby preventing a war that Alec Lightwood was afraid of. Alec has other things on his mind now, as Magnus Bane collapsed in his arms while using the new magic that High Warlock Lorenzo transfused him with in episode 14 of Shadowhunters.

Meanwhile, Clary Fairchild’s bond with her brother Jonathan Morgenstern deepens due to the rune Lilith placed on them. Jace Wayland decides to take Clary to the Silent Brothers to heal her.

Malec in Dire Straits

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The episode kicks off with a delightful scene between Alec and Magnus where Harry Shum Jr finally gets a chance to show off his killer dance moves. Matthew Daddario is great too, and it’s a lovely nod to the kind of representation that fans of this series have become used to.

Of course, this moment is just a figment of Magnus’ imagination, as he lays dying while fellow Warlock, Catarina (Sophia Walker), comes to his aid. Catarina explains to Alec that Magnus’ body is rejecting Lorenzo’s magic – it’s much like an organ transplant. While Magnus will survive, if he uses magic again it will kill him. The only one who can help now is Lorenzo.

Alec is incensed, partly because he blames himself for being happy that Magnus was mortal like him, which meant they could live out their lives together, but also because he despises Lorenzo and believes the High Warlock did this on purpose. Catarina has a cool head on her shoulders, though, and asks Alec to temper his anger if he wants Lorenzo’s help.

Lorenzo is living it up in Magnus’ old apartment. He revels in Magnus’ downfall, making it obvious to Alec that his personal jealousy transcends his need to help. But when Alec changes tact, tearfully imploring Lorenzo to save the love of his life, his efforts pay off.

When Magnus awakens, he refuses help. He doesn’t want to lose his magic because Magnus believes he is nothing without it. He’s even convinced himself that his magic is the only reason Alec loves him. When Alec insists that he won’t lose him, Magnus gives in. Lorenzo takes away the magic, leaving Magnus devastated.

Clary’s Plan to Free Herself from Jonathan

The Silent Brothers are unable to help Clary. Her tether to Jonathan is too strong. The only other option that Clary sees is confronting Lilith herself. When Clary starts lashing out at her friends, it becomes obvious that the darkness of the Queen of Hell is growing inside her.

With no Warlocks willing to help summon Lilith, Clary decides to create a rune herself. To ensure Lilith doesn’t escape or attack them, Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood return to Cain to ask for his help. It was the Mark of Cain that destroyed Lilith at the end of the mid-season finale of Shadowhunters, so it will be useful to the Shadowhunters now as well.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Stay With Me” – Clary and Jace come up with a risky plan to get rid of her twinning rune, which may bring an old enemy back into the fray. Meanwhile Alec is worried about Magnus. This episode of “Shadowhunters” airs Monday, April 1 (8:00 – 9:01 P.M. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)


While Simon and Izzy hunt for Cain, they discuss Rafael. Izzy’s feelings for him led her to make a grave mistake, which she rectified by arresting Rafael in the previous episode. She’s seen how her brothers have fallen apart over the loss of their loved ones (Jace when he thought Clary was killed, and now Alec facing Magnus’ illness), and this makes Izzy feel like romance isn’t for her.

Simon agrees. He and Maia broke up and now she’s back with Jordan Kyle and working with the Praetors. Since neither of them can get their love lives in order, Simon and Izzy make a pact – they’re going to be single for life. Considering these two characters pursue a romance with each other in the books, they are most likely going to break this pact by the end of the season.

When Simon and Izzy find Cain, he is initially reluctant to help them. But Simon’s impassioned speech about guilt convinces Cain that he must assist them in defeating Lilith.

Jonathan’s Quest for the Morning Star Sword

Elsewhere, Jonathan discovers that the Seelie Queen may be in possession of the Morning Star Sword, and goes to meet with her. Seelie Queen Amara (Kimberly-Sue Murray) doesn’t take kindly to the Queen of Hell’s son making demands. Since Jonathan is far too clever to let this opportunity slip through his fingers, he offers to kill Lilith in exchange for the Morning Star Sword. Amara is pleased.

Jonathan portals to Edom to find Lilith. She is delighted to see her son, believing she can sway him to her side again. But Jonathan is obsessed with his sister, Clary, and Lilith is standing in his way of being with her. Just as Jonathan attempts to stab Lilith, Lilith is pulled away by Clary’s rune. Lucky escape.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Stay With Me” – Clary and Jace come up with a risky plan to get rid of her twinning rune, which may bring an old enemy back into the fray. Meanwhile Alec is worried about Magnus. This episode of “Shadowhunters” airs Monday, April 1 (8:00 – 9:01 P.M. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)


Lilith reveals that the only way for Clary to break the bond between her and Jonathan is to wield the sword that Michael stabbed Lucifer with. Unfortunately, the Glorious sword was destroyed when Lucifer was vanquished. Lilith tells the Shadowhunters they have no way of saving Clary now.

Just then, Jonathan arrives and starts attacking them. For fear of hurting Clary, both Jace and Izzy restrain themselves from injuring Jonathan. He uses this to his advantage, stabbing Jace and attempting to strangle Izzy. Simon comes to Izzy’s rescue, sinking his vampire fangs into Jonathan, despite it hurting Clary.

With the entire team down for the count, Lilith has one more ace up her sleeve. She bargains with Cain – his protection for the return of his brother Abel. Cain gives in and frees Lilith. In the ensuing chaos, Clary quickly draws a rune that sends Jonathan to a Shadowhunter prison. At least one bad guy is finally locked up.

Romantic Entanglements

Maryse Lightwood meets Luke Garroway in prison. The two had become close and shared a kiss in episode 13 of this season of Shadowhunters. Maryse now owns the bookshop where the two had met and has brought Luke some reading material. Luke wants her to move on with her life – to be happy. But Maryse won’t let Luke rot in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Later, a mysterious man visits Luke in prison telling Luke that his records have been expunged because he is innocent. This man is a Praetor and Luke’s newfound freedom is thanks to the Praetor Lupus. Did Maryse have a hand in this?

Clary realizes that Jace has been a source of strength for her throughout this Jonathan ordeal, but Jace is still distressed that Clary will be tied to her brother for eternity. Izzy thinks otherwise. Lilith had mentioned that the Glorious sword was made with ‘heavenly fire’. These were the words that Greenlaw had uttered with his dying breath. Maryse had told her children that ‘Heavenly Fire’ was a program run by the Clave. Could this mean someone in the Clave knows about the sword?

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The Shadowhunters showrunners seem to know their audience well. The episode ends with Alec meeting Maryse, explaining that after Magnus’ health scare, Alec has realized that he can’t live without Magnus. Alec asks Maryse for the family ring so that he can propose to Magnus. Maryse is overjoyed, but why do I get the feeling this won’t end well?