Yellowstone: Kevin Costner on his reasons for joining the show, Kelly Reilly on her character


Kevin Costner talked about what drew him to his TV series Yellowstone, during a recent presentation with the cast, and Kelly Reilly spoke about her love for her character, Beth Dutton.

Kevin Costner’s acting career has been eclectic. His credits include everything from The Bodyguard to Hidden Figures, but he’s widely known for his appearances in Westerns, including Wyatt Earp and Dances with Wolves, which he also directed. So the Paramount Network’s modern Western Yellowstone was right  up his alley.

During a presentation for The Contenders Emmys from Deadline, Costner elaborated on what drew him to take on the role of John Dutton in the series. In particular, Costner was attracted to the idea of telling a story about a family whose life is tied to their land.

Costner observed that there aren’t a lot of shows on TV that tell the stories of people who still live and work on ranches and farms in the middle of the country. He wanted to bring their stories to life, while also showing that large open land still exists in America. Yellowstone offered him the perfect opportunity to do both.

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Costner explained,

"The idea of seeing wide open spaces, when the land was almost like the Garden of Eden… There’s a lot of America that seems like it’s behind a curtain, that way of life still exists. I am drawn to that and I don’t know many people that aren’t. That when we go out into it that we see it. And when you put a drama against that background, I just think it’s very compelling. We don’t see that enough. I don’t think that we get outside enough, if you will."

During the presentation, Kelly Reilly spoke about the joys of playing Beth Dutton, John’s fiercely loyal daughter on Yellowstone. Reilly said she’s having a ball playing such a complicated, messy character.

She elaborated on what she enjoys most about Beth,

"She’s the best character I’ve ever played. Taylor Sheridan created a monster with her and I love her so much. The layers, the vulnerability, and the brokenness of her. The fierceness of her, she’s someone straight out of a Shakespeare play or some Greek goddess or something. I couldn’t get enough of what I read and as we continued on the journey of  the show, she just got bigger."

Both Costner and Reilly appear to feel very positively about their time on Yellowstone. No doubt, the success of the show is a validation of their instincts about the project.

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The second season of Yellowstone is set to premiere on June 19 and Paramount Network has already released a trailer for the upcoming season.

Why are you drawn to Yellowstone? Do you enjoy the depiction of wide-open spaces or do you love Reilly’s Beth? Make your opinion known in the comments.