Shadowhunters season 3B, episode 17 recap: Heavenly Fire


The Shadowhunters have Jonathan Morgenstern in custody, but Lilith is on the loose. Now they have to find Heavenly Fire and the Glorious sword.

On Shadowhunters, Isabelle Lightwood believes the secret Clave program – Heavenly Fire – may hold the key to breaking the twinning rune bond between Clary Fairchild and her brother Jonathan Morgenstern.

While the team continues its mission, Alec Lightwood has a secret one of his own. After Magnus Bane nearly died from a magic transfusion, he had to give up his magic again. The ordeal made Alec realize just how important Magnus is to him. Alec asked his mother for the family ring, so he can ask Magnus to marry him.

Jonathan and Lilith’s Manipulative Ways

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Jonathan was sent to the Shadowhunters prisons by Clary, and is now trapped in a straight-jacket to ensure he doesn’t hurt himself, and consequently injure Clary. In this episode of the show, Clary interrogates Jonathan about the Morning Star Sword. Does he really want to release demons with its power? Jonathan insists he wants to gift the Morgenstern heirloom to Clary, who he didn’t even know existed until recently. Can Jonathan be trusted?

Considering Jonathan was left to die in Edom with only his mother, Lilith, for company, the answer is definitely ‘no’. Through flashbacks, we see that Lilith tortured Jonathan, physically and mentally, while keeping him trapped in her burning tower in Edom. She seems obsessed with her son, and now Jonathan is obsessed with Clary. This family is so creepy! What Lilith did reveal to Jonathan was that the Morning Star Sword can only be wielded by someone with Morgenstern blood.

Hearing this, Clary rushes to her old sketchbooks, realising that as a child she dreamt of a prince trapped in a tower. She was supposed to rescue that prince, but never could. Clary blames herself for what Jonathan has become, but Jace Wayland ensures her that Clary is not at fault.

Simon Goes Undercover

Izzy has been on the scent of clandestine Clave activities for a while, and now she needs Simon Lewis’ help to get to the bottom of her investigation. If someone knows about the Heavenly Fire program, then they could lead the Shadowhunters to the Glorious sword which will free Clary from Jonathan.

Izzy’s arrests Simon and has him imprisoned under a false name so that he can get hold of Glorious. Izzy and Simon stay in touch using telepathic Seelie rings. As soon as Simon is in jail he meets Rafael Santiago. Rafael explains that prisoners are taken away every few hours, never to be seen again.

When Simon relays this information to Izzy, she becomes desperate to save both Simon and Rafael. Izzy asks Aline for help breaking into the prison systems and find out who transferred Rafael to this section of the prison. According to the records, it was former Head of the New York Institute of Shadowhunters, Victor Aldertree (Nick Sagar). While Izzy distracts Victor during dinner, Aline breaks into his office.

It’s not long before Rafael is taken away by the guards. Simon tries to stop them, but is incapacitated. Once he wakes up, one of the guards ( Sydney Meyer), reveals she is half-Seelie and half-Shadowhunter, and tells him that what the Clave are doing is not torture. Simon doesn’t believe her, but then he finds Rafael standing in the sun. Rafael is human again.

Victor and Izzy’s dinner is interrupted when the Seelie guard calls Victor about Simon. Recognising Simon’s face, Victor tells the guard not to let him out of her sights. Izzy takes the opportunity to contact Simon. When she doesn’t hear from him, she rendezvouses with Aline for the details on Heavenly Fire.

The program is taking away Downworlders’ powers without their consent. While Rafael sees it as a gift, Iris Rouse (Stephanie Belding) is horrified that her magic, and her soul, have been stripped away from her. If Magnus were here, he would agree with her.

Aline informs Izzy that Victor is planning on a disbursement of this ‘cure’ using the water supplies, thereby affecting all Downworlders. Izzy tries to contact Simon again, but since his ring is with the Seelie guard, she hears the truth. The guard no longer wants to play a part in Victor’s massacre, and enlists Simon, Rafael and Iris’ help. During their escape, Iris is killed, but the Seelie Guard – Helen Blackthorn – is able to rescue a batch of the cure that could save Clary. Once Simon has the serum in his hands, Helen blows up the entire facility.

Victor is under the grand delusion that what he’s doing is for the good of everybody, but Izzy disagrees. Aline arrives to arrest Victor, putting an end to this genocidal maniac. The imprisoned Downworlders are pardoned, and Izzy begins running tests on the cure to see if it can help Clary.

The End of Malec?

Alec is nervous as ever about his impending proposal. He wants it to be absolutely perfect, organising a dinner and flowers for the big moment. Alec’s excitability is so obvious that even Jace figures out something is up. When Alec tells him about the proposal, Jace is overjoyed. While Alec can barely contain his happiness, Magnus continues to struggle with his new-found mortality.

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Once all his Shadowhunter duties are done, Alec waits for Magnus at a picturesque rooftop, only for Magnus to arrive late and drunk. This proposal is not going as planned. Magnus accuses Alec of wanting him to be a mundane, but all Alec has ever wanted is for Magnus to be happy. Unfortunately, Magnus is far from it. He doesn’t believe he will ever be happy again now that his magic is gone. When Alec tries to help Magnus, Magnus breaks down in his partner’s arms. So much for a happy ending.