Shadowhunters season 3B, episode 19 recap: Aku Cinta Kamu


Magnus struggles with the end of his relationship, and Jace tries to win Clary back. But the latest episode of Shadowhunters sees few heroes triumph.

Clary Fairchild has gone over to the dark side, freeing her brother Jonathan from the Shadowhunters. While Isabelle Lightwood and Simon Lewis search for a way to liberate Clary from the twinning rune’s power, Izzy’s brother Alec struggles with the sacrifice he had to make. In order to return Magnus Bane’s magic to him, Magnus’ father Asmodeus demanded one thing – Alec must end his relationship with Magnus for good. To save the man he loves, Alec broke up with Magnus.

Fathers and Sons

Magnus has made no bones about his estranged relationship with Asmodeus on Shadowhunters. When he sees his father has escaped Edom, his first instinct is to run. Asmodeus, however, restores Magnus’ magic, pretending like this is a peace offering so that the two can be a family again. Asmodeus doesn’t tell Magnus about the deal he made with Alec.

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With his magic back, Magnus portals away from Asmodeus to a location that holds some meaning to him. Some time ago, Magnus and Alec had visited the Pont des Arts (unofficially the Bridge of Locks) in Paris. To symbolize his and Magnus’ eternal love in New York, Alec found a facsimile to put a lock on. Before Alec attached the lock to the grate, Magnus engraved Alec’s lock with ‘Aku Cinta Kamu’, Indonesian for ‘I love you’. Now when Magnus sees the lock, he breaks it open and destroys it.

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Everywhere Magnus goes, he’s reminded of his relationship with Alec. While babysitting Madzie, they even had a conversation about starting their own family. Magnus is really struggling here. He goes as far as to ask Brother Zachariah (Jonathan Ho) to erase his memories of Alec, but Zachariah refuses to help. If Magnus really wanted to remove the memories, he’d have done it himself.

Magnus tries to follow Zachariah’s advice, but Asmodeus stops him from destroying his memories. He insists that the pain of his lost love will make Magnus better, just as losing his son made Asmodeus stronger. With that revelation, Magnus embraces the Prince of Hell, while Asmodeus smiles in victory.

Time to Save Clary, Again

Though Clary has grown as a character over the course of this season of Shadowhunters, far too much time is spent saving her from Jonathan. Now that the twinning rune has over-powered her, Clary and Jonathan’s location is in the air. Jace Wayland decides to use himself as bait to lure them out.

Jace sends Clary a note offering to help her and Jonathan retrieve the Morning Star Sword. Jonathan wants nothing to do with Jace, but Clary insists on hearing Jace out. Her brother relents.

Jace meets Clary and Jonathan, telling them that now that the Clave has put out a kill order on Jonathan, Jace has decided to give up everything to ensure Clary’s safety. This, in turn, means Jace intends to protect Jonathan as well. Clary is more than happy to work with both her brother and Jace. So, what are these two up to? They are planning to kidnap the Seelie Queen since she has possession of the Morning Star Sword.

The three of them head to Prague, where the Seelie Queen is expected to be visiting a club to hang out with fellow Downworlders. Every moment Jace gets alone with Clary, he tries to snap her out of the twinning rune’s hold. But even the bond between them isn’t working anymore.

Inside the club, when the Seelie Queen arrives, Jonathan tells Clary that Jace is working against them, not with them. When Clary confronts Jace, she finds that he has been secretly communicating with the Shadowhunters all this while. She portals him back to the Institute while Jonathan captures the Queen.

Heavenly Fire

Maia Roberts is intent on heading a new pack in New York, but first, she needs to spruce up the Jade Wolf. While painting the place with Jordan Kyle’s help, the two share an intimate kiss. But Maia isn’t ready for this relationship yet.

They are interrupted by Raphael Santiago – he’s come to pay his respects to the werewolves killed by Heidi. When Maia sees him standing in the sun, he tells her about the Heavenly Fire cure. Jordan perks up at the sound of this; he sees this as a way to give Maia her old life back. But the majority of the serum was destroyed, the rest is with Izzy.

SHADOWHUNTERS – “Aku Cinta Kamu” – To try and save Clary from Jonathan, Jace goes undercover. Back at the Institute, Isabelle, Simon and Luke race to find a way to finally destroy Clary’s bond with Jonathan. With time running out, can Isabelle create the solution before Jace’s cover is blown? This episode of “Shadowhunters” airs April 22 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT) on Freeform. (Freeform/John Medland)


Izzy’s experiments with Heavenly Fire continue misfiring. With nowhere else to turn, she and Simon decide to get help from Luke Garroway’s sister, Cleophas. Though Cleo can’t make it, she sends Luke with her tools to reforge Heavenly Fire into the Glorious sword. The only other component they need is angel blood. Since Simon drank Jace’s blood and became a Daylighter, Izzy needs a sample of his blood. The more time Izzy and Simon spend together, the closer they are to breaking their pact to stay single for life. Though it is rather cute and an homage to the source material, the development of #Sizzy is very cliché.

Maia and Jordan barge into the Shadowhunters Institute asking after Heavenly Fire. When Izzy and Simon explain that there is only one vial left and that they can’t just hand it over to them, Maia is outraged. Simon just wants to save Clary, but this is the wrong thing to say to Maia. Clary was always the third wheel in their relationship, and Maia feels betrayed that Simon didn’t think to give Downworlders like her a second chance at a mundane life.

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Unbeknownst to Maia, Jordan surreptitiously stole the last vial. His guilt knows no bounds, and he is intent on rectifying the mistake he made all those years ago.

Izzy successfully creates Glorious. Now, the team prepares to save Clary.