On My Block season 2, episode 4 recap: Chapter Fourteen


On My Block reminds us that persistence is key–seriously.

On My Block is really diving into the Jasmine/Ruby angle this season, and not necessarily in a romantic way. It’s endearing to see how their relationship has progressed just within the first four episodes of season two, and it continues in this episode.

With the school dance coming up and a competition attached with it, Jasmine is going all in to make sure Ruby has the perfect dance partner. She goes as far as bringing in a group of girls for him to pick from. Honestly, this part feels a bit weird–I’m not sure why they chose to do it this way. And it’s even weirder because after going through all of that and making the girls “perform” for Ruby, he ends up choosing Jasmine.

Meanwhile, Ceaser is starting to feel overwhelmed by Jamal, who has graciously offered him a place to stay while he figures things out. It’s sweet of Jamal but it seems like he’s not exactly the best roommate to have. He’s all about doing everything together and spending every moment of their day together, which is not Ceaser’s cup of tea.

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Monse is struggling to make a decision on this episode of On My Block, one that may hurt her dad deeply. Her mother has asked her to come live with her in the suburbs but that would mean leaving Monty behind. But then again, it gives Monse the opportunity to get away from the dangers of Freeridge.

The night of the dance arrives and while Ruby and Jasmine kick some butt on the dance floor, things aren’t going so well between Ceaser and Monse. After learning that she’s thinking about going, or rather has decided to go, Ceaser is devastated. Being around her has been extremely helpful for him and with her gone, he has no idea what will happen. So what does he do? Gives her an ultimatum. Oh boy, you know that’s the absolute worst move!

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And just like that Ceaser and Monse break up, and our hearts break. It was nice while it lasted and now it’s over. It seems like the night was rough for everyone including Ruby who was triggered after hearing the song that was playing the night he got shot.

He needs help after such a traumatic, and I wish that it was something that On My Block would have addressed in more detail.