Hanna season 1, episode 7 recap: Road


As Hanna and Erik make the journey to see Hanna’s real father in Romania, Erik makes it a point to come clean to Hanna about everything. Marissa defies orders and goes again in search of Erik and Hanna.

Erik and Hanna ditch their stolen helicopter at the bottom of a lake in Belgium. Erik tells Hanna all about the Utrax project and how her mother gave her up but then changed her mind. Erik wants to give Hanna a normal life and to keep her safe, but that’s impossible as long as she’s with him. They head to Romania to meet with Hanna’s real father, who is a good man with a family of his own but still wants to meet her.

Erik stops to see his mother along the way, secretly talking his father’s guns from the house. He tells his mother not to tell Hanna, that he’s taking her hunting as a surprise. More like he’s going to infiltrate the new Utrax facility on a suicide mission. Anyway, he and Hanna spend the night and Erik tells her about his childhood. Erik’s mother calls Marissa to tell her Erik came by. By the time she gets there, he’s already been gone for three hours.

Not far behind her is Sawyer with an entourage of men to put her back in her place. They escort her into the back of a black SUV and Sawyer gives the order to take her out before they drive away. Marissa isn’t stupid though and recognizes the signs of an impending assassination. She takes out her assassins in the most awesome display of badass self-defense I’ve ever seen.

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All signs point to Erik heading to the Utrax facility, so they put the building and the trainees on lockdown as Sawyer readies his men to face the invasion. The doctor in charge of the trainees strongly protests against confining them without medication. While genetic manipulation makes these girls stronger and faster, it also makes them behaviorally unstable and long periods of inactivity makes them dangerous.

Hanna and Erik stay the night in the same hotel he and Johanna stayed at years before. He tells her all about that night and how scared they were. Erik tells Hanna he loved her mother very deeply. This all feels like an elaborate goodbye, Erik coming clean to Hanna about everything. Hanna knows what he’s up to, although he tries to keep that one last secret from her. She meets her real father and his family, who are all very welcoming. But when she finds out Erik doesn’t intend to come back for her, she takes her father’s car and rushes back to the hotel to save him.

Marissa keeps track of activity with the CB radio in her stolen car. She remembers the hotel that Erik is staying in from years before and takes a room next door. When he arrives back at the hotel she calls to warn him that Sawyer and his men will be waiting for him at the facility. She’s been abandoned and disenfranchised from her own people, plus she feels responsible for Hanna’s safety after everything that’s happened. She wants to help Erik, but she has a hard time convincing him that she’s telling the truth. Just when she almost has his trust, Sawyer’s men swarm the place and make it look like she was stalling for them.

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Hanna arrives just in time to save Erik from Sawyer. Together they take out all of Sawyer’s men – excluding Sawyer himself, of course – and escape into the night.

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