Hanna season 1 finale recap: Utrax


Hanna and Erik set out to take down Utrax and free the trainees as Marissa and Sawyer battle to see who gets to them first.

The Utrax trainees start to get antsy as the lockdown runs into hours. They are programmed to follow orders without question, but one of them is different. Trainee 249 has a unique curiosity that allows her to defy orders and think independently. She knows something is coming and has enough self-awareness to wonder what they’re not being told. The other trainees discourage her curiosity on Hanna.

Marissa has taken Sawyer hostage and makes him tell her everything about the new Utrax program. On their way back to the Utrax facility, Sawyer manages to make Marissa lose control of the car and they crash. Sawyer escapes and sets up the car to explode. Marissa regains consciousness soon after and is able to escape the car before it blows up.

Erik explains to Hanna that he was just trying to give her a normal life with her real family. Hanna says they’re not her family. Her father had sex with her mother and she was born, but that’s not the same thing as a father. Erik has never looked happier than when Hanna implies that Erik is her true father. Erik tells her about the new Utrax program and all the girls who are being held there. Hanna decides that they need to save them, so they steal a bus big enough to take them all away and plan their coup. Along the way, they stop at Johanna’s grave to pay their respects and Erik sheds a few tears.

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The Utrax facility is ridiculously undermanned after the events of the last few days, so Hanna and Erik are able to infiltrate the building easily. Unfortunately, because of the trainee’s programming, they have no will or desire to disobey orders and leave the facility. Only Trainee 249 will even speak to Hanna. She’s different. Erik and Hanna have to fight their way through the few remaining guards to the control room in order to open the doors, but once they do only 249 will leave her room. When she first meets Hanna face to face, she doesn’t have a name. Hanna searches the files and discovers her real name is Clara.

She offers freedom to the remaining trainees, but they don’t want to leave. Maybe they’re even unable to leave without orders. Sawyer has managed to call for backup and arrives with trucks and soldiers. He gives the order for the trainees to assemble for immediate evacuation. They all leave except for 249/Clara. She kills one of the trainees who threaten Hanna and Erik, but the rest merely file out to the trucks. Once the evacuation is complete, the soldiers set the building on fire, intending to burn all evidence of Utrax to the ground.

Marissa arrives just in time to see the trainees get on the trucks. Hanna, Erik, and Clara take out the rest of the soldiers sent to kill them, but by this time Erik is really struggling with his wound from Berlin. He’s looked like death warmed over for the last three episodes and now he has nothing left. He tells Hanna to leave him behind, but she refuses. She and Clara carry him out of the facility, but before they can get away Sawyer holds them at gunpoint. He clearly intends to kill them, but Marissa shoots him down at the last second. She tells them to go and that she’ll take care of the rest.

Marissa uses Sawyer’s phone to call the program director, telling her that Sawyer is dead and that she’s wounded – shot by Erik Heller, who is almost certainly mortally wounded himself. The girl got away. Marissa settles in to wait for help and shoots herself in the leg to lend credence to her story.

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Erik doesn’t survive much longer after they get back to the bus. He asks to be left at Johanna’s grave and dies as Hanna drives away from Utrax. Hanna and Clara do as he asks and buries him next to her. They ditch the bus and set out together into the world as new sisters. The Utrax trainees and program are still out there though and they know that Hanna is still out there. Presumably, Marissa is setting herself up to be on the inside, hopefully, a resource for the girls if they find themselves in the Utrax crosshairs in season two.

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