Dead to Me season 1 episode 2 recap: Maybe I’m Crazy


Dead to Me continues its first season by diving a bit deeper into what happened to Judy and the car she has hidden away. Also, Jen’s son is not happy to have Judy living with them.

This episode of Dead to Me kicks off with Judy having dinner with Jen and her kids (Charlie and Henry). Charlie, the eldest son, is not happy that his mother brought a relative stranger into their home to live in his dad’s old music studio—especially since there’s no defined time limit for the stay.

Jen defends her decision by saying she’s an excellent judge of character. Charlie still thinks Judy could be a crazy person.

After dinner, Jen and Judy clean up and Judy confesses that she hasn’t been able to go into the guest house since Ted died. She also admits that she is working with Judy’s ex, Steve, to sell his house.

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The clearly upsets Judy, who tries to play it casual (though she manages to cut her hand while doing dishes, she’s that tense). Judy explains that she’s just upset that Steve would sell their house without talking to her about it. They had envisioned raising a family there and part of her thought she’d get back together with him.

Eventually, Judy heads to the guest house to see where she’ll be staying. Everything in the guest house is exactly the way Ted left it. Guitars and a drum set out. Even a half full glass of water. Judy starts to feel overwhelmed in the room.

As she lies on the bed, Dead to Me flashes back to Judy hitting someone with her car.

Judy winds up trying to use intense to cleanse the space of Ted’s spirit and, consequently, sleeping outside on Jen’s poolside furniture.

Judy goes over to Steve’s house to try to get in, but finds her keys don’t work anymore. She also goes to where Steve’s office (where everyone has clearly been warned that Judy shouldn’t be let in) and charges past the front desk to leave Steve a note on his desk.

Meanwhile, Jen goes on a few runs on a side street where she comes across a yellow supercar speeding recklessly on a street near where Ted was hit. The first time, she calls the police, but they don’t help. The second time, the guy drives by her, she throws a rock toward (not “at” cause she doesn’t really hit it) his car. The guy in the car stops, rolls down his window and spits at her.

Jen calls the police again, but they don’t help, again.

When she gets home from the second run, Jen confronts Judy about the whole “sleeping outside” thing. Judy suggests maybe moving some of Ted’s old stuff out of the room, which Jen says she’s not ready for. During this, Judy slips up and mentions her secret storage container.

Just then, two police officers show up to Jen’s house. She thinks they’re there about her complains about the yellow supercar, but no. They’re actually there to give Judy the restraining order Steve has taken out against her. Judy tries to explain that she just wanted to get ahold of Steve to talk about the house because she’s hurt that he’s selling it. Jen isn’t fully buying it, though.

Not only does this make Charlie feel right about Judy, but it makes things awkward for Jen when she has to work with Steve.

First, when Jen meets with Steve, he tells her that chaos tends to follow Judy wherever she goes, implying (well, outright saying) that he things Judy is crazy. Then, when Jen and her business partner Christopher tour Steve’s house prior to selling it, Jen comes across a bedroom decorated for a baby—the baby they never had.

Steve explains that they waited to paint and decorate the room this time, but, he says, maybe they should have waited even longer. They thought they were in the clear this last time, but Judy had another miscarriage.

Meanwhile, Judy tries to talk to Charlie, but he still thinks she’s crazy and/or dangerous. Judy tries to say that the stalking thing was a misunderstanding and that she appreciates being able to stay in Ted’s studio. Charlie says it’s fine and, slyly, asks if she has any weed. She doesn’t answer, but offers to buy pizza instead.

When Jen gets home, she finds her two sons happily eating and joking around with Judy.

Jen goes out to the studio, for the first time since the accident. Judy comes in and finds Jen crying. Jen decides to put Ted’s things in storage, with the help of her sons (who keep a few items for themselves) and Judy. (We also learn that Ted kept a gun in a safe in the studio. Supposedly, Jen doesn’t have the code for it.)

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After loading Ted’s things into a storage unit two doors down from Judy’s secret unit, Dead to Me flashes back to Judy’s hit and run. But this time, they show that Steve was in the car with her. He also was there as they hid the car in the storage unit.

Dead to Me wraps up this episode with Jen and Judy driving home from the storage unit. Jen says she doesn’t like that Steve called Judy crazy, it’s used too often to undermine women.

Then, the two come across the yellow supercar Jen has been seeing. She gets out, takes a golf club, and breaks the windows and windshield. She drives away as the owner comes out of his house and chases after them.

How angry do you think Jen is going to be when she finds out what happened with Judy and Steve? Let us know your thoughts on Dead to Me in the comments!