Veep season 7, episode 6 recap: Oslo


In the penultimate episode of Veep, Selina makes her most controversial decision yet.

Veep is ending next week, guys! How are we already here, and why are we already here? For a series that has made us laugh until we can’t breathe and shocked us with its blunt social commentary, it is difficult to fathom we’ve reached the end. And in typical Veep fashion, the series penultimate episode leads Selina to make her most daring decision yet.

Selina and co. head to Oslo in this week’s episode so she can accept the second-tier version of the Nobel Peace Prize. This honor is being bestowed upon her because she helped to free Tibet, which becomes quite ironic as the episode proceeds. How so? In an attempt to garner the Chinese government’s support, Selina makes a deal with President Lu to give Tibet back to China. Told you it was ironic!

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So, we’ve made it to this turning point in Selina’s quest to get what she wants. She will do anything to secure a seat in the Oval Office, and the entire series has brought her to this point. While in Oslo, Selina bumps into her dear friend Minna (you all remember her, right?) who eventually reports her to INTERPOL after accidentally learning about Selina killing innocent civilians with the drones. While the authorities rush to arrest Selina, Minna offers her asylum in the Finnish embassy.

In true Veep fashion, Selina manages to find a way to sneak out of the embassy by convincing Catherine to hold her wedding to Marjorie there. Mother of the Year? I think not.

Eventually getting out of the embassy, Selina decides to make a pit stop to pick up her “Nobel Peace Prize” and ends up giving a speech. You see, she’s not so worried about being arrested because the American people support her, despite what she did.

Unfortunately, her speech talks a lot about freeing Tibet and supporting the idea of a free Tibet. Not looking too great for someone that just promised to give the country back to China.

She’s caught off guard upon her return to the states as she was expecting supporters but got angry protestors instead. You see, the very same video that shows how Selina attacked a wedding also shows an elephant being bombed. This is not going to be great for her numbers.

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Meanwhile, in Jonah land, he’s busy preaching his anti-vaccination rhetoric and ironically contracts chicken pox as a result. But don’t worry, he might be itchy AF but he seems to have connected with his dad, who drops dead after catching chicken pox from Jonah. At the funeral, Jonah’s eulogy is not exactly full of praises and compliments for his old man, but don’t we expect that at this point?

Between Selina’s drama, Jonah’s ridiculousness, and everything in between, Veep is gearing up for one hell of a series finale next week!

Tune in to catch the final episode of Veep ever next Sunday on HBO!