Veep series finale season 7, episode 7 recap: Veep


Veep ends its seven-season run with an emotionally hilarious farewell!

Veep is over. Let’s all take a moment of silence to mourn the end of what has been one hell of a journey alongside the sassy, brutal Selina Meyer. This week brought on the series finale of Veep and I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to say goodbye. Who else is going to make me laugh hysterically with how vicious and blunt she is with everyone around her? Julia Louis-Dreyfus deserves all the awards this year, by the way.

Directed by the incomparable David Mandel, the series finale brought Selina Meyer’s legacy to a riveting, unexpected end as she went all in towards her pursuit of becoming President. I have to say that this episode simply had it all, it gave us everything we would have expected from Selina while still keeping us shocked and surprised.

As the episode begins, the team is at the convention where there seems to be a major problem–no one has enough delegates to get the nomination. Does this stop Selina? Hell no, in fact, she pushes harder than ever to get the delegates she needs and, of course, at any cost. When presented with the idea of bringing Senator Talbot on as her running partner, she flat out refuses, and when approached about Jonah, well, we can all guess what her reaction was to that.

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But this is Veep, and things never go as Selina wants or planned. You see, she found herself smack dab in the middle of a transgender bathroom ban enforced by North Carolina when she walks into the wrong bathroom. It causes a domino effect of pissing the wrong people off, namely Governor Calhoun, which leaves her no option but to ask Amy for help.

But the joke’s on Selina, as it often is because it turns out Jonah’s incessant babbling about “Muslim math” has somehow worked in his favor after a terrorist scare involving a Muslim expert in math. Of course, Jonah would stumble into something like that, it’s classic Veep, and we love it. This ends up being a major win for Jonah who starts gathering more and more delegates.

Meanwhile, things for Selina aren’t going as planned after Kemi brings attention to the Meyer Fund once again. She begins losing delegates which leads to Ben having a heart attack. Oh, and good ‘ol Tom James decided to get back into the race, too. Side note: Every single actor/actress on Veep does such an effing amazing job with their characters, and this may have been their best episode ever.

With very few options left, Selina begins scheming and plotting per the usual which involves convincing Tom’s Chief of Staff to come clean about her and Tom’s affair and accuse him of inappropriate behavior. Savage Selina for the win.

And since she’s on a roll, her next plan of action is to tell Governor Calhoun she will make gay marriage illegal to garner his support and then proceeds to make Jonah Ryan her running partner. Goodness gracious, Veep really went all in for the series finale, didn’t it?

At this point, Selina has the nomination but has one more heinous and vicious thing to do before walking out on the stage–having Gary take the blame for the Meyer Fund nonsense. I’m not going to lie, this one stung a lot. After years of catering to Selina’s every single need, this is how she chose to repay him. But at the same time, it’s not shocking in the least bit, it’s classic Selina.

So, Selina gets everything she ever wanted and ends up in the Oval Office. But at what cost? The cost of all her closest confidantes who have either left her or are sitting in jail because of her. It’s a jarring moment to see Selina sitting there with no one around her, but hey, everything comes at a cost, and this was hers.

In an unexpected plot twist, Veep time jumps 24 years into the future. Selina has died and Mike is sharing the news as CBS’ anchor. Everyone has gathered to say goodbye, and in classic Selina fashion, she’s made sure all her enemies have a front row seat. We learn Jonah gets impeached and remains salty AF while Catherine is celebrating at home with Marjorie and their son (he grew!).

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Who is the current President, though? Richard! Who, by the way, won a Nobel Peace Prize as well. Who would have thought the mayor of Lurlene would have been the one on the Iron Thr…er, sitting in the Oval Office. Even an old, saddened Gary pays his respects as Dan and Amy look from afar. Apparently, Selina never went to visit him while he was in jail. Oh, Selina.

And just as Veep closes out for the final time, Mike stops his coverage on Selina’s funeral to reveal that Tom Hanks has died. Even in death, Selina couldn’t be the last one standing, could she?

Oh, how I’ll miss Veep.

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