Brooklyn Nine-Nine season finale recap: Suicide Squad


Brooklyn Nine-Nine wraps up its first season on NBC with “Suicide Squad.” Will the Rouges Gallery of Nine-Nine villains bring down Commissioner Kelly?

The season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was written by show creator Dan Goor (Parks and Recreation) and Luke Del Tredici (30 Rock). “Suicide Squad” was also directed by Dan Goor. The episode felt more like a heist episode than “Cinco de Mayo.” It was full of friends and foes teaming up and backstabbing each other for their own common goals. If Commissioner Kelly (Phil Reeves) ends up being collateral damage in the process, it would be a happy coincidence.

Ninety-Nine Shades Freed

You should watch this episode. There are a lot of funny parts that are constantly in motion. There are flashforwards, flashbacks, and present tense hilarity. At the end of of “Sicko,” Jake (Andy Samberg) formed a Suicide Squad that included Chief Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick), Captain Jason Stentley aka C.J. and aka Ceej (Ken Marino), and The Vulture (Dean Winters).

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Amy (Melissa Fumero) joins because Jake told her about the super secret squad almost immediately. Classic Peraltiago. Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and Terry (Terry Crews) are added on the down low by Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) because he doesn’t trust Wuntch. Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) is part of the squad because he goes wherever Jake goes. Boyle is a true ride or die.

Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) join because they have basements that are creepy enough to shoot a ransom video. Ransom video? Why does there need to be a ransom video? It’s all a part of Jake’s plan that seems to reconfigure itself at will.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Suicide Squad-Courtesy of NBC Universal

The idea is to expose Commissioner Kelly’s Dark Knight machine that listens in on all forms of civilian communication. Wuntch will have to place a bug on Kelly before Ceej is fake-kidnapped by Jake, Amy, and Boyle. Originally set to wear gorilla masks, they end up in sexy ballroom masks that reveal way too much of their faces. Even though they are completely recognizable, Ceej believes he is really being kidnapped and leads the squad on a chase.

All physical evidence is supposed to be suppressed by The Vulture, who will assign his dumbest detectives to the case. Except, he assigns his best detectives to the case. The Vulture thinks they’re bad because they are nerds who wear glasses. The heat is on the Suicide Squad. There’s even a sketch of Jake being shared on social media.

The new plan is to shoot that ransom video and release it to get Kelly to turn the Dark Knight machine up to eleven. But, Ceej just wants to play Madden. The going is slow. All of a sudden The Vulture busts in and arrests the Suicide Squad. What?!

Throughout the episode, Captain Holt launches some massive insults at Wuntch. At one point she quits the Suicide Squad. Jake has to convince her to rejoin. In the time she was out of the squad, she made a deal with The Vulture to make him Captain of the 69th Precinct (his dream job). The Vulture bought off Ceej by promising to play Madden with him.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine-Suicide Squad-Courtesy of John P. Fleenor/NBC

All looks lost. Jake is in an interrogation room. Kelly has shown up to watch Wuntch goad over Captain Holt. Kelly is going to put Jake in jail, which Kelly assumes will hurt Holt the most. Wuntch gets Kelly to pose for selfies with Holt. She uses Kelly’s cell phone and clones it! It’s a reverse double-triple cross! Wuntch made a deal with Jake! Commissioner Kelly is ousted to the private sector, where he’ll make a ton more money, but is finally out of the NYPD. Season arc: closed.

They Have a Bike Path!

Terry spent the episode in denial about being transferred to Staten Island. He told Rosa and Amy that he wasn’t sad, but his right peck kept bouncing, which is his Pinocchio-tell. He finally starts to admit that he will be leaving the Nine-Nine. At a farewell bar night, Terry is getting toasted when Captain Holt enters and tells him that he won’t be transferred anywhere. Terry is excited. Everyone wants to know where the reprieve came from.

It turns out that Wuntch had her own goal the whole time. She was made Acting-Commissioner. Her first act was to bust Captain Holt down to a traffic cop, which freed up the money to keep Terry on the Nine-Nine payroll. He will likely lead the squad at the onset of season seven. And we have our cliffhanger. How will we get Captain holt back? Again!

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We now know what the arc of the first few episodes season seven will be. Will Captain Holt end up being Commissioner Holt? The final showdown with Wuntch has been coming for quite some time. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out next season.

Did you enjoy “Suicide Squad?” What did you think of season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Let’s discuss in the comments!