Whiskey Cavalier season 1, episode 12 recap: Two of a Kind


Last week’s episode of Whiskey Cavalier came with the news that the series would not get another season—and we’re not happy.

Whiskey Cavalier is not getting another season, and to say I’m livid would be an understatement. Despite whatever the ratings may be, this series has been one of the standout new shows of the season with a phenomenal cast and absolutely hilarious writing. I’m so sad that the next episode will be the series’ last, but here’s to hoping it gets picked up by someone else!

In the most recent episode of Whiskey Cavalier, Will realizes that Frankie does indeed have a heart and cares for him more than she lets on. I mean, she did let a criminal escape because she wanted to make sure Will was okay. If this show would have gotten another season, I’m sure we could have seen their love story grow.

The mission at hand led Frankie to her guardian, Kelly, the woman who took care of her after both her parents passed away. It’s hilarious to see how alike both of them are, with their lack of emotions and excitement. Thankfully, we’ve got Will to keep things lighthearted and fun. What would we ever do without him?

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However, Frankie soon learns that Kelly has changed drastically since she last saw her. She’s married with kids and is way more emotional than Frankie remembers her.

Unfortunately, there is one slight problem with this reunion. Kelly’s husband Daniel is wrapped up in the drug trade, and given how happy Kelly is, it’s making Frankie question what to do.

Initially, one would think that Daniel is a nice guy and there would be absolutely no way he’d be caught up in the opiate business. But think again, everyone! Despite Frankie giving him a chance, he decides to run and screw her over. It only makes matters worse when Frankie finds out Kelly told Daniel to run.

By the end, Kelly comes to her senses and helps Will and Frankie out, especially after learning that her husband could care less for his actions. Love makes us all do crazy things, so we don’t blame Kelly for giving Daniel the benefit of the doubt.

In other parts of Whiskey Cavalier, Ray is working hard to get back on Will’s good side by completing a request Will made to him—to locate the man that ran away when Frankie decided to save Will. Luckily, he is able to get Standish to help him out, because there simply isn’t anyone else that could hunt down someone as well as he can. Plus, it turns out he has some good advice for Ray when it comes to winning Will over: just be cool.

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Susan gets the cold shoulder from Standish and Jai after they read the psych profiles she’s done on them, despite her telling them not to. They’re both irritated with her and don’t believe that she was correct in her statements, so they run off to Jai’s secret lair to avoid Susan at all costs. Thanks to Ray, Standish and Jai realize they’re just being silly and need to let Susan off the hook. If I was them, I’d love to have a friend like Susan.

As we head into the series finale this week, the team will go up against their archnemesis, Ollerman, who will prove to be the worst to deal with, something we already know very well. Let’s just hope that, whatever happens, it’s not really the Whiskey Cavalier series finale, because I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

The Whiskey Cavalier series finale airs this Wednesday at 10 PM EST!