Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2, episode 3 recap: Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalia


The witches and warlocks of the Academy of Unseen Arts celebrate Lupercalia in this episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina goes all in for this episode as witches and warlocks celebrate their version of Valentine’s Day–Lupercalia. It’s become clear that as time goes on, Sabrina feels a pull towards the dark side of her existence. And with it being Lupercalia, let’s just say that it’s designed to bring out all that is bad inside of you, front and center.

So what exactly is Lupercalia? Essentially, it involves a lot of sex, lust, and a huge orgy. It starts off with the witches being paired off with warlocks as they do a ribbon dance around them. There is competition for Nick between Dorcas and Sabrina, but it’s Sabrina that Nick wants and vice versa. Just when Dorcas thinks she has won, she realizes the joke is on her and she’s been tricked with a glamour. Looks like you don’t get to continue the Weird Sisters tradition, Dorcas!

After pairs have been matched, the next step in this lusty night is referred to as “Courting”. And who better to chaperone this part of the night then Father Blackwood and Zelda? After all, they’ve got some pent up sexual frustration between them too.

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Just as we see Sabrina and Nick strip down, things don’t go the direction they were meant to. Sabrina’s not quite ready to get down and frisky, but the other issue is, there’s a werewolf in their midst. For a moment, we think it might be Dr. Cerberus, but it’s not–it’s Nick’s familiar, Amalia. Talk about awkward timing.

Since that night doesn’t go as planned, Sabrina and Nick decide to go to the Baxter High dance, but once again Amalia kills the mood when the two sneak away to the library.

So, what’s Amalia’s deal? Well, she’s jealous because she was by Nick’s side after his parents passed away, but when she started getting too controlling over Nick, he decided to confine her to a life in the woods.

She’s not planning on behaving which leaves Nick with one choice–kill Amalia. He returns to Sabrina and tells her he killed Amalia, but that’s not exactly the case. He just locked her up and pretended to have killed her, which we can understand considering what she means to him.

Anyway, Lupercalia must continue and it’s next and final phase is an…orgy. Who knew Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was going to get so kinky? Of course, the night does not go as planned once again because Amalia finds a way out, tries to attack, and winds up getting killed by Sabrina in order to save Nick.

It’s been a minute since we’ve checked in with Ms. Wardwell aka Lilith and it’s great timing that she comes to mind because her arc has made some progress. We now know that Lilith has simply taken residence in Wardwell’s body so you can imagine how awkward it is when Wardwell’s fiance returns from a trip he was on. One would think maybe Lilith may come clean, but instead, she takes full advantage of the love Wardwell’s fiance has for her.

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Oh, and did I mention Father Blackwood proposes to Zelda? Because that totally happens, and I’m not sure how I feel about it, Chilling Adventures of Sabrinaˆfans. And, sadly, one more thing.

Ros loses her vision, just as she was fearing may happen due to her family history. Ugh, finally when she and Harvey were finally having a moment.