Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2, episode 6 recap: Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries


Witch hunters are loose in Greendale during this episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina makes things just a little more frightening with this episode with a new twist—witch hunters. I’ll be the first to admit, they are scary AF! Especially when you think that it’s just an innocent man or woman trying to preach their religion but instead are just trying to take down any and all witches.

These individuals are part of the Order of the Innocents but are anything but. They’re vicious, relentless, and not afraid to do their job. Basically, their goal is to convert all witches and warlocks into their school of thought and then carry their souls far, far away. Unfortunately for everyone, right before one of them kills Luke, they manage to learn where the Academy is and any coven locations.

I’m sad to report that Ambrose is still under lock and key, and will remain that way if Prudence has anything to do with, especially with Father Blackwood still on his honeymoon. Hilda and Sabrina try to vouch for the guy and hope to appeal to the council to let him out. However, Prudence is dead set on getting Ambrose to give a false confession about murdering the Anti-Pope, per her father’s orders.

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Defeated and lost, Sabrina goes back to her mortal world only to learn that they don’t want much to do with her. Roz has gone blind, and Sabrina was nowhere to be found. She offers to help Roz get her vision back but is met with a lot of resistance and anger, of which she gets plenty from Nick as well.

Meanwhile, Hilda is hard at work trying to get to Ambrose. She manages to succeed when she brings a homecooked meal she knew Prudence would never give Ambrose, and would likely end up giving him the bones instead. Which was perfect, in this case, because those bones would form a key of sorts to get Ambrose out. Hilda is the real MVP of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Wardwell/Lilith has been running into problems of her own with the Dark Lord who interferes a dinner between her and Adam. One thing leads to another, and she ends up killing Stolis out of anger. My oh my, there is far too much death on this show!

Back at the funeral home, Sabrina unknowingly lets one of the witch hunters inside but is promptly warned by Roz who has a vision of a man trying to kill Sabrina. While Sabrina is being attacked by one hunter, Dorian and Nick are being attacked by another, and a third shows up at Dr. Cerberus’ to take down Hilda and Cerberus. Luckily, all three of the hunters are thwarted, but it makes Sabrina realize one thing—the next stop for the hunters will be the Academy.

Insisting to join Sabrina and co. on their trip to the Academy is adorable ‘ol Harvey. Of course, Nick isn’t thrilled over the idea but Harvey will not take no for an answer. No one but Sabrina can enter the church the hunters have taken over simply because she is half mortal and was baptized as a child. The hunters may think they have the upper hand, but they soon realize, Sabrina is the one in charge around here.

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Despite the hunters shooting Sabrina with arrows, she rises up anyway, stronger than ever, and burns the hunters alive. It’s all very frightening because this isn’t the Sabrina we all know and love, not exactly anyway. Not only does she kill the hunters, but she brings two witches back to life!

It’s safe to assume that we have officially reached the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part of the story—and the look on Harvey’s face confirms it.