Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2, episode 7 recap: Chapter Eighteen: The Miracles of Sabrina Spellman


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fans, what just happened to Sabrina?!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina introduced a whole side to Sabrina Spellman, and it was scary. After witnessing Sabrina channel a demonic side of her, it’s safe to say Harvey and everyone else around him is freaked out. Nonetheless, after she levitates and resurrects some dead people, Sabrina falls to the ground.

Harvey brings her back to Hilda as the rest of the students look upon Sabrina, fearing for their life—and I don’t blame them. And if we weren’t confused AF over Sabrina’s new powers enough, she manages to bring herself back to life and heal Ambrose completely. There’s something up with Sabrina, and I’m eager to find out just what.

Something about Sabrina has changed, it’s like she’s not herself anymore, just like the way Bran Stark isn’t Bran Stark anymore. She’s able to use her powers without reciting anything and can make basically anything happen including changing the weather, bringing back Roz’s sight, etc. And while Sabrina is enjoying these newfound powers, her aunt Zelda and Father Blackwood return from their honeymoon.

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Zelda doesn’t seem quite like herself, and unfortunately, it seems like Father Blackwood has been named as the interim Anti-Pope until a proper replacement is found. As if the guy needed any more power.

But with Father Blackwood back, a decision about Sabrina and Nick has to be made. So, against his wishes, the Council decides to let them attend the Academy until they figure out what to do.

Eventually, the Council pardons Nick and Sabrina but says Ambrose has to be executed. With some nudging and convincing, Hilda and Sabrina buy some time to find Ambrose’s familiar so he can vouch for him.

They do indeed find the familiar, but it is dead. Luckily, we know someone that bring dead things back to life! Sabrina does her thing but it doesn’t matter because as soon as Blackwood learns of this, he commands Zelda to get rid of the familiar’s body once and for all.

Hilda soon figures out that Zelda is under a spell, and has been blindly obeying her husband’s every wish and command without argument. It turns out that she knew everything that was going on but couldn’t do anything due to the spell. Only on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina could something like this go down.

Zelda reveals that Prudence and Blackwood are counting on Sabrina using her mystical powers to stop Ambrose from being executed. This way, the council will see how powerful Sabrina has become, and then surely they will lock her away for good.

The moment of the execution arrives, and (with some meddling on Sabrina and Hilda’s end) it doesn’t go as Blackwood would have hoped. Instead, Sabrina “channels” the Dark Lord so he can command Blackwood to stop all the nonsense and take away his power as interim Anti-Pope.

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In a celebratory mood, Sabrina decides to have a party with both mortals and witches/warlocks, which is a party I’d love to attend! Sabrina hopes this is the start of a beautiful friendship between mortals and witches. All the while, Harvey and Theo make a startling discovery down in the tunnels as they find a painting of Sabrina etched across one of the walls.

For some reason, Sabrina has perched up on top of her roof, and she intends on revealing her magical side to the world in an attempt to unite everyone. Harvey manages to stop her and takes her down to the tunnels instead to show her what he’s found. Apparently, she’s the Herald of Hell.