Glow returns to Netflix for season 3 in August


The gorgeous ladies of wrestling will be back before the end of the summer. Here is your first look at Season 3 of GLOW.

Are you ready for some more GLOW? Well, you’ll get your wish when the third season of the campy comedy comes back August 9 on Netflix!

Deadline has provided your first look at Season 3!

Set in the 1980s and based on the real-ish television show, GLOW is a fictional sitcom about how the real GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling was made. None of the characters are real, but many are based on real-life lady wrestlers.

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The show stars Emmy-nominee Alison Brie as Ruth, the show’s biggest cheerleader and advocate, Marc Maron as washed-up producer Sam Sylvia, and Betty Gilpin as established actress and star of the show Debbie Eagan.

When we last left this band of misfits, after their show was cancelled, they decided to pack it up and head to Las Vegas. Read up on season 2’s full recap to brush up on what went down last year.

They land at the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino ready to dazzle the Strip with their show. But between Ruth and Debbie’s own awkward relationship (former best friends before Ruth has an affair with Debbie’s husband) and then Ruth and Sam’s awkward relationship (they almost happened!), plus Debbie’s guilt for leaving her son behind to pursue her dream, the road to stardom is much tougher than they anticipated.

GLOW also stars Chris Lowell and Kate Nash as the recently married Bash and Rhonda. Supporting cast members include Sydelle Noel (Cherry Bang), Britt Baron (Justine), Britney Young (Carmen Wade), Jackie Tohn (Melrose), and Gayle Rankin (Sheila the She-Wolf). There isn’t a weak link in this cast and one lady is funnier than the next.

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My fingers are crossed for an awesome third season as well as a much-deserved Screen Actors Guild Award nomination!

What are you hoping to see in the upcoming season of GLOW? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Deadline