Good Omens season 1 episode 5 recap: The Doomsday Option


Things heat up in Good Omens as London is surrounded in a burning ring of satanic fire and Aziraphale and Crowley race to stop Armageddon.

In this episode of Good Omens, Crowley arrives to Aziraphale’s flaming bookshop and searches for him frantically, finally coming to the conclusion that someone has killed his best friend. Crowley leaves the bookshop behind and finds a bar to drink away his grief. Meanwhile, Adam holds his friends captive and speechless with his powers as he awaits the arrival of the four horsemen.

Back in Heaven, Aziraphale is expected to take charge of an apocalyptic platoon and is reprimanded for returning to Heaven without his flaming sword or body.

Aziraphale, determined to return to Earth and try to stop Armageddon, leaves Heaven without his body and is able to make contact with Crowley before going on to search for a willing host. Crowley has the book of prophesies and they arrange to meet at Tadfield Air Base.

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Aziraphale is able to possess Shadwell’s landlady Madame Tracy as she’s doing a sceance and secures her help in trying to prevent the apocalypse. They and Shadwell set out for Tadfield. Meanwhile, Crowley is stuck in traffic on the M25 – a highway he helped design in the subtle shape of a satanic symbol – and only has himself to blame when the whole thing bursts into flame, trapping London in a ring of fire.

A telemarketer randomly cold calls Crowley and accidentally releases the demon Duke Hastur from his answering machine prison. Hastur appears in Crowley’s car and gloats over his situation.

Crowley decides to take drastic measures and simply drives his car through the ring of fire, with no idea whether he will survive or not. Miraculously, Crowley makes it through the inferno with his beloved Bentley and Hastur burns away back to Hell.

Adam gives his friends free will again and is devastated when they decide to leave him. This gives him some perspective on his behavior and he comes to his senses. It is now up to Adam and his friends to stop Armageddon.

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Anathema and Newton choose a prophesy at random and it leads them to Tadfield Air Base, along with the four horsemen, Crowley, Aziraphale and Shadwell, and Adam and his friends. The horsemen set the world’s nuclear arsenal to launch, while Crowley makes a magnificent and timely entrance in his flaming Bentley. Adam calls to the horsemen, prepared to face them.

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