Good Omens season 1 finale recap: The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives


In this episode of Good Omens, Crowley is on trial for treason against Hell, which isn’t much of a trial considering he’ll be found guilty either way. What led him to this?

Good Omens backtracks to Armageddon. Crowley is momentarily distracted with grief by the explosion of his Bentley. Aziraphale is left to deal with the threatening soldier guarding the entrance to the airbase, forcing him for once to do the dirty work from which he is so often spared. Crowley gets ahold of himself and they set off to stop the apocalypse.

Adam and his friends face down the horsemen as Anathema and Newton try to shut down the nuclear count down. Crowley and Aziraphale think the only way to stop Armageddon is to kill Adam, but when Aziraphale tries to shoot Adam with the wacky Witchfinder gun, Madame Tracy stops him. She just couldn’t let him shoot a child. Adam makes Madame Tracy and Aziraphale two separate people again, giving Aziraphale back his body. Adam’s friends kill the horsemen with their faith in peace, clean air, and healthy food, leaving Death without his entourage.

Newton’s penchant for breaking computers ends up saving the world and ending the nuclear countdown. It would seem that the crisis is averted, except that the forces of Heaven and Hell turn up to try to convince Adam to restart the apocalypse. It’s part of the Great Plan after all. But then Aziraphale thinks to ask if the Great Plan is the same as the Ineffable Plan – because if so, how can they even know what the Great Plan is. This confuses everyone involved enough to stand down, but Aziraphale and Crowley are considered traitors for standing against the apocalypse.

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Unfortunately, Lord Beelzebub tells Satan about Adam’s rebellion. Satan is on his way to discipline Adam and he is not happy. This scares Crowley more than Armageddon, but he makes a final desperate play when Aziraphale threatens never to talk to him again unless he does something.

Crowley stops time just long enough to coach Adam on how to defeat Satan. When Satan rises from the Earth, Adam tells him that he’s not his father. Father’s aren’t absent for eleven years and then turn up to discipline their sons. With Adam’s power, he basically resets the universe. His Earthly father now has always been his father and none of the apocalypse has ever happened.

Crowley and Aziraphale wait for the bus back to London and the Summoner, newly resurrected after Adam’s retcon, comes by to pick up the apocalyptic gear left by the horsemen. Aziraphale shares Agnes Nutter’s last prophesy with Crowley, stating that they soon will be playing with fire and must choose their faces wisely. They hop the bus back to London together, with Crowley offering to let the now homeless Aziraphale stay with him. After all, they don’t have sides anymore and can be friends if they want to be.

Anathema and Newton receive a further book of prophesies by Agnes, but they decide they don’t want to be a slave to the future and burn them. Shadwell and Madame Tracy get engaged and Adam still seems to have his powers but is happy just being a kid.

It turns out that Adam rebooted everything, so Aziraphale’s shop never burned down and Crowley’s car is still intact. They meet up in the park later, neither having heard anything from Heaven or Hell, but expecting an unpleasant visit anytime soon. This is when they both strike, the angels tying up Aziraphale and dragging him back to Heaven, the demons knocking out Crowley and taking him back to Hell. This is why Crowley was on trial at the beginning of the episode, as is Aziraphale in Heaven.

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They both are found guilty of treason, Crowley sentenced to destruction by holy water and Aziraphale by hellfire. However, Crowley is inexplicably able to bathe in holy water without harm and Aziraphale stands in hellfire without burning. This ability sufficiently frightens and confuses their people enough to agree to simply leave them alone in the future – at least for now.

When Crowley and Aziraphale meet up again later, it is immediately obvious what has happened, even before the reveal. Their respective body languages tells us that the two switched bodies – or at least appearances – in order to fool their people and live through their punishment. They have lunch together at the Ritz, toasting to the world, and accepting that Crowley is just a little bit of a good person while Aziraphale is just enough of a bastard to be worth knowing.

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