Jessica Jones season 3 premiere recap: AKA The Perfect Burger


Jessica Jones kicks off its final season with a fragmented team.

After last season’s tumultuous finale, Jessica Jones is still picking up the pieces to reunite the characters. Jessica made good on her promise to cut Trish out of her life, which has left her more alone than ever. It appears like her relationship with Oscar is over, although she does still hang around with Vido, and her new assistant is overbearing and chatty. Despite trying to make it as a hero, the people she’s been saving are rude and ungrateful. Essentially, her life has only gotten worse since that glimmer of hope in season 2.

Her first case is flying to Mexico to grab a young girl who was kidnapped by her father. However, he claims his ex-wife is vindictive and he won’t allow his daughter to go back to her. Jessica is adamant that he’s the one in the wrong, however, the young girl also refuses to leave. Despite some trepidation, she easily flings the dad across the beach and returns the girl home. She’s naturally upset and the mother actually does turn out to be quite vindictive. Ah, just another unsatisfied customer in the PI business.

Even though it hasn’t been that fulfilling, Jessica is desperate to continue being a hero to make her mother proud. Yet, her heart just isn’t in saving any of these people. She wants her assistant to choose a case and eventually just lets Vido give his recommendation. Of course, a case she could actually care about lands on her lap pretty quickly in this premiere.

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Dorothy Walker shows up at Jessica’s door and begs her to look for Trish. Turns out, Trish has disappeared for over twenty-four hours and hasn’t been checking in. While Jess hasn’t been keeping up with her, it’s revealed that Dorothy got her daughter’s career back on track. However, Dorothy doesn’t actually know what happened between Trish and Jessica. Does she not want to know or is Trish too ashamed to tell her?

Unsurprisingly, Jessica turns down the case despite Dorothy’s pleas. She’s not prepared to face her sister yet and when the topic of her mother comes up again it only infuriates her. Especially when Dorothy claims that Trish had nothing to do with her death.

Of course, this is Jessica Jones so it’s inevitable that our favorite PI relents. She agrees to take the case and discovers that Trish has sold all of her belongings to buy a shady discreet apartment. It’s filled with exercise equipment and research which baffles Jess. After kicking Dorothy off of the investigation, Jess logs onto Trish’s email to hunt down her sister.

She gets the addresses from Lyft receipts but also finds an unsent draft where Trish claims that Jessica wasn’t thinking clearly. To be fair, Jessica wasn’t but as she pointed out, it didn’t have to be Trish who pulled the trigger. She’s immediately furious but buries that anger to focus on finding Trish first. At an even more run-down apartment, Jessica finds the perfect set-up for a stakeout. After waiting until nightfall, she watches Trish don a cat burglar outfit before breaking into the building across the street. When the man in the apartment grabs his gun, Jess springs into action without a second thought.

Turns out, Trish doesn’t need saving because she has powers! Her plan was to steal an artifact which would’ve linked the owner to multiple assaults. She’s mad that Jess intervened claiming that she doesn’t need protection anymore. In fact, she tells Jess that she doesn’t need to be a hero anymore now that Trish is around with her powers. Jess is devastated because this means that Trish doesn’t regret destroying her life or their relationship now that she got everything she wanted. Undoubtedly, Jessica Jones has a long way to go before those two are back on solid ground.

Malcolm also struggles to adapt to his new life even though he has a nicer apartment and a girlfriend. He’s basically become a fixer for Jeri, cleaning up messes that celebrities get into with their drunk driving. This morally grey job isn’t what he was looking for so Jeri tells him to find a way to make peace with it. He turns to vigilante justice by orchestrating a hit-and-run to ruin the celebrities entire baseball career.

Like a lot of Jessica Jones, Jeri’s storyline feels a bit disconnected from the others. Her ALS is beginning to take hold and Jeri can feel her legs giving out. She calls Jessica to ask her if she will essentially euthanize her when the time is right. Understandably, Jess refuses because she doesn’t want to kill anyone. It’s sad to see just how far Jeri has fallen, now that she has no friends. Jess can relate, but she still won’t do it. The premiere sets up another love interest for her, a former lover turned violinist who is now married.

Finally, the episode ends up with Jessica bringing a guy home from the bar. Newcomer Benjamin Walker comes across as a charming stranger who has a lot of passionate feelings about burgers. Just as the two are making out on her desk, someone knocks at the door. Jess assumes it’s Vido, but it’s actually a masked stranger who stabs her. Is the blade poisoned? She seems to bleed out incredibly quickly but at least Malcolm is around to call an ambulance.

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There are plenty of fun moments sprinkled throughout the premiere. The recurring disdain for Jessica’s new couch is amusing, especially when she changes her tune just to annoy Dorothy. However, the whole episode also highlights just how isolated everyone is. No one is speaking to each other and there’s a sense of loneliness with every single character. Even Dorothy’s pleas to Jessica feel desperate and real rather than purely to protect Trish’s brand. Hopefully, the show doesn’t end with this separation growing worse.

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