Jessica Jones season 3 review: A dark conclusion for the Netflix/Marvel universe

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Jessica Jones season 3 feels like a final act for the Krysten Ritter-led series.

When Netflix aired the various Defenders series years ago, they were some of the most anticipated and talked about new shows. Here we are, over four years later and Netflix dumped its final Marvel season mid-June with almost no promotion. It’s disappointing to see how far these shows have fallen, but at least Jessica Jones gets to go out on a pretty high note.

While the series manages to craft a fitting conclusion, it’s bound to leave many fans upset with the direction. As a fan, it’s always hard to balance my own expectations with what a show delivers. There’s no denying, Jessica Jones does tell a complete story and season 3 feels like the final act for the story started back in 2015. However, there’s still a part of me that personally hoped for a happy ending like Daredevil provided.

Warning: Spoilers below for Jessica Jones season 3! 

Photo Credit: Netflix

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Jessica Jones goes back to basics in season 3 after its second season was met with an extremely mixed reaction. While I personally enjoyed the character study, it’s hard to sell viewers on a superhero show which doesn’t really have a villain and turns one of the most liked characters into someone abhorrent.

Serial killer Gregory Salinger (Jeremy Bobb) takes over Kilgrave’s job as main antagonist this time around but he’s not quite up to the task. It’s not Bobb’s fault, but Kilgrave’s presence is always looming over the series because of David Tennant. Arguably the best villain ever introduced in the Marvel Universe (Kingpin, Bullseye, and Grant Ward could give him a run for his money), Kilgrave’s legacy has essentially set up every future bad guy to fail.

Nevertheless, Salinger challengers Jessica to use her private eye skills, something the show used sparingly in season 2. At heart, Jessica Jones isn’t really a superhero show considering how much she rejects her powers. When season 3 picks up, she has rededicated herself to the PI lifestyle but instead is helping out people with said skills. Of course, her customers are usually ungrateful and it’s been emotionally draining her.