Light as a Feather season 2, episode 5 recap: …Silent as the Night


In episode 205 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather, Mack gets attacked, she tries to get self-tracked, and Trey may just take her back.

Previously on Light as a Feather, McKenna “Mack” Brady and crew were showing signs of repairing burned bridges. However, the “Chrysalis curse” has a way of driving wedges between people, and also has them doing weird things. Now Isaac (Brent Rivera) is drawing faces he doesn’t know, and we’ve seen that McKenna played another round of the cursed game, Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. In that round, she predicted that Ridge Reyes (Froy Gutierrez) would die from a fall, which definitely happened. It’s revealed that Mack also predicted the death of Nadia (Kira Kosarin), another of her community service co-workers. Is McKenna the “unexpected worst enemy” who will do the job?

Mack has also been blacking out, having hallucinations and has the same disgusting growth on her back that Violet (Haley Ramm) had in season 1. Now she gets a video tracker from Violet, who appears sympathetic to her plight, having carried the curse herself. Unfortunately, the curious Nadia has been spying on Mack and finds her news clippings of tragic events (such as “house fire kills teen” and “local girl dies in scooter accident”).

This makes Nadia wonder if Mack is collecting them as trophies, much like a serial killer. When she confronts her about it, she violently knocks McKenna out. To make matters worse, Mack and her entourage find Nadia dead when they go see her the next day! Was Mack responsible, during one of her blackout-trance episodes?

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Alex and Violet patching things up?

From the very first episode, Alex Portnoy (Brianne Tju) and Violet had problems with each other. When the curse was first discovered, it made things even worse. However, Violet is doing her best to repair relations with everyone. It’s becoming clearer that she wasn’t necessarily at fault for everything that happened. When they meet in this episode, Alex even asks her, “Remember when I electrocuted you?” (one of the most shocking moments from season 1).

However, as Violet proves herself increasingly useful in understanding the curse, she’s bold enough to ask, “What did you guys do before me?” She also says, “Everyone you love could be gone and you’re all alone.” It could seem like a threat or an insult, but in this context, it’s more directly related to the curse. When they find the tracking video file of Mack, they see that she indeed blacked out regarding Nadia. They also delete the video, fearing what it contains and also (supposedly) protecting Mack.

Violet also gives Isaac a $150 notebook. In addition, she re-emphasizes to McKenna that the curse “makes you do things you never thought you could.” On that note, Mack tells recently ex Trey (Jordan Rodrigues) that his bandmate (and prospective girlfriend) Sammi is in danger. Trey also begins to understand why they broke up: She wanted to protect him from the curse. Now she shows up trying to protect Sammi, but also hallucinates about Sammi’s face being disfigured. For whatever reason, Sammi’s pet, “Little Trey,” ends up dead!

A less-than-merry Christmas, and more stuff

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In a flashback, Violet wakes up on Christmas eve to find her parents dead. Without knowing why exactly she hates the holiday, Isaac buys her a necklace that says “Eff Christmas.” However, she tells him about the incident and Isaac feels bad about his gift. Meanwhile, Alex tells Mack she’s “one of the good guys,” noting that she’s been trying to protect everyone from the curse. Later, because she’s trying to lead a normal life, Alex kisses Peri (Adriyan Rae). As the episode ends, Trey offers to keep watch over Mack, to make sure she doesn’t black out again and do something crazy. It’s a sign that they may still have something, but also that Light as a Feather will likely have some more craziness ahead.

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