NBCUniversal reveals new details about streaming service

NBCUNIVERSAL LOGOS -- Pictured: "peacocktv.com" Logo -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)
NBCUNIVERSAL LOGOS -- Pictured: "peacocktv.com" Logo -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal) /

The “streaming game” is getting even more crowded. NBCUniversal has a streaming service of its own that will debut next year.

NBCUniversal released new details about its streaming platform that is set to debut on April 2020. The information that has seemingly gotten the most attention is that it will be called “Peacock,” a nod to the company’s logo. Peacock will have a lot of competition, from the “old heads” like Netflix and Hulu, to HBO Max, which is also set to debut in April. What will it have to attract viewers?

One can reportedly expect to find roughly 15,000 hours of content, including Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cheers, Downton Abbey, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friday Night Lights, and Frasier. The Office can’t be forgotten either, as NBCUniversal paid $500 million to regain the rights to the hit show. It will be leaving Netflix in 2021 and be available on Peacock in 2020.

The platform won’t just have shows; it’ll feature Universal Pictures, Focus Features and DreamWorks Animation films like Bridesmaids, American Pie and E.T. One will also be able to find over 3,000 hours of content from Telemundo, the Spanish-language network.

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NBC will be broadcasting the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and the company is reportedly planning to use this opportunity to strongly promote its new streaming service. It’s then planning to release roughly 12 new shows once the Games end to hopefully capitalize on the attention it’s garnered.

Mike Schur of The Good Place, Parks and Recreation and The Office will be the showrunner for one new show called Rutherford Falls, which will star The Office’s Ed Helms.

Peacock will surely offer some good content, but it seems unlikely it will be able to overtake many (if any) of Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime or HBO Max. Shows like The Office will obviously bring eyeballs, but the service will have to prove it can consistently offer compelling new content. NBC churns out some decent shows, but simply transferring it current level of content to a streaming platform probably won’t be good enough.

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It’s unclear how much is at stake for NBCUniversal when it comes to the performance of Peacock. Perhaps it has enough diversified revenue streams that it would be content with its platform trailing a bit behind its competitors. But if its success is crucial to the company’s long term viability, it might be in for a tough road ahead.

Source: NYTimes