Top Boy season 3, episode 6 recap, explanation: Press Gang

Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Chris Harris/Netflix
Top Boy Season 3.. Image Courtesy Chris Harris/Netflix /

Top Boy moves into the second half of technically its third season with episode six: Press Gang. Show Snob is here to provide an explanation and a recap.

At the start of Top Boy season three, episode six some Summerhouse runners and dealers are attacked by the ZT gang: one, Romy, is injured from a stab wound to the chest; as well as a “younger” having acid thrown on his face.

Dushane believes it is a warning from Jamie et all; while Sully says that the ZTs have effectively declared war. They decide to respond but diligently. The duo then meets Haze, who gives them 20 kilos of hard drugs to sell.

Although Dushane doesn’t want that much, Haze insists because Dushane told his boss, Sugar, that they are significant in London. Sugar is forcing deals on to the pair – with only a month to repay consignment ‘or else’. Sully now suggests “dealing” with Jamie as paramount; in other words killing or removing the latter from the street.

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We learn that Jaq is a boxing instructor on the side. She then meets her girlfriend, Maude, for tea. Maude is afraid for Jaq due to her dangerous job; Jaq complains she does two jobs – for Dushane – because Dris is incapable.

Dris is informed by Dushane about their large amount of weight; Dris says there’s no way they can conduct enough small transactions to complete the sales in time. Along with big deals won’t happen either, as the ZTs have told all subservient groups not to. Consequently, Dushane appears concerned and upset so therefore demands Jaq get some new recruits for their firm. Sully goes to Jason’s funeral.

Then Dushane demotes Dris and promotes Jaq, to Dris’ consternation. However, Dushane does reassure his unhappy worker that he can reclaim his former position as a street boss through hard work but is now a manager.

While over at the Fields estate on Top Boy, Jamie tells his fellow gang members that Dushane reign as a boss is coming to an end and his “opp” is scared. Though Leyton disagrees: saying the former missed an opportunity to kill Dushane at the cafe in the previous installment of the show.

Yet Leyton is ordered not to make a move on Dushane and Sully, in case they can make money from them. If Dushane disagrees to get his supply from the ZT conglomerate, then Leyton has permission to murder the Summerhouse Top Boys.

Afterward, Jamie meets his connect, Lizzy, in a clandestine spot; she is concerned about the acid attacks though he replies saying he took her advice: not eliminate but scare away and incorporate the rival gang. Lizzie also refuses his advances, saying that their affair was a one-time thing. She believes Jamie is looking for a mother figure in her. He assures her the gang was is under control.

Jaq and Kieron struggle to obtain new workers as the local kids are either frightened or focused on school. Kieran is told off for his approach and told to try harder. Lauryn attempts to get the gossip on Dushane from Shelley, then ridicules her sister Jaq about Maude as she thinks the name is old-fashioned.

In prison, Modie – the former ‘Fields man dem’ boss – talks to Leyton on a smuggled-in mobile phone and instructs him to assassinate Sully, who’ll be at the graveyard. Regardless of acting chief Jamie’s plan. How Jermaine and Leyton have the intelligence is unclear at this time.

Donovan is pressured to hide at their Jamaican auntie’s by Dushane. He visits his mother but brother, Chris, is at the hospital bedside. Chris and his brother argue; Dushane inquiries whether or not Chris said to people about the £10,000 request – he denies doing so. Shelley and Dushane discuss family life and her daughter.

Ats is determined to begin selling drugs regardless of Kieron stating that be is too soft for “road”. Although Jaq has him inducted immediately. Leyton shoots at Sully but misses, so exits with Jermaine. Dris counties to fail to entice new members. Stef is reluctant to join Ats in his new job or even chat to his friend’s new associates. Whilst, Ats is intoxicated by the lifestyle.

When Jamie hears of the attempted murder he lambastes Leyton for doing it without permission. Jamie asserts his authority without Leyton’s approval; the former also informs his crew to be careful. Over at Summerhouse, Sully wants to immediately go after Jamie, as he assumes Jaime green-lit him. Dushane doesn’t want Sully to act now as they need police off the streets in order to sell their drugs so that they can pay Sugar on time.

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At Reuben’s illegal car garage and gun hire/selling place, Sully arms himself and obtains a car to “to put in work” – or attack Fields. It seems Dushane has two new shooters on-side; though they are concerned Jamie is armed and dangerous. Although Summerhouse needs weapons to challenge them – Sully walks in with an arsenal of firearms. Sugar has Donovan murdered while Dushane watches in video chat as a warning not to mess around: which is attributable to the latter trying to hide his cousin, concluding the episode.

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