The Politician season 1, episode 6 recap: The Assassination of Payton Hobart

Photo: Rahne Jones, Lucy Boynton / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix
Photo: Rahne Jones, Lucy Boynton / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix /

It’s Election Day on The Politician–finally!

The Politician finally arrives for Payton–Election Day! While Payton preps to give the greatest acceptance speech of all time, Astrid reveals that she quit the race just because. And as we were expecting, Payton wins the election and officially becomes President. But something tells me this victory is going to be short-lived.

As Payton begins to do his thing and establish what he set out to do,  he meets a lot of resistance. The school board won’t let him pass any of his policies, let alone even propose them. As it turns out, there is a reason for that, he didn’t actually win. Astrid won by two votes but she dropped out so he could take the title knowing he did not actually win.

All the while, Skye begins plotting how they can kick Payton out altogether. And then there’s Infinity who is dealing with her boy troubles and lying Nana who just wants her to come home. Infinity wants nothing to do with her so Nana invites Infinity’s man over to convince him that all the blame is to be placed on Payton. Essentially, she pushes him in the direction of contemplating murdering Payton.

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As The Politician has shown us over the last few episodes, things can get weird really quick. Payton and Infinity make up and then join the school play, and so does her man who does not even go to the school.

The truth about Payton’s defeat in the election is shared with James and McAfee, and Payton wants them to sign an NDA to ensure they won’t spill any secrets. McAfee gives Payton a poisoned cupcake after signing the papers, which results in Payton getting really sick. Of course, Payton accuses McAfee of trying to kill him, but as we learn, Skye is the one behind it all.

McAfee confesses that it was likely Skye who tried to poison Payton, which reveals to Payton that McAfee and Skye were together. At this point, Payton feels alienated and can’t seem to find a way to trust his friends, so he parts ways with her once and for all.

Now, let’s talk about what happens during the school play. Infinity’s man, Ricardo, is playing the role of John Wilkes Booth and was convinced by Nana to use an actual gun to kill Payton. Instead, he uses a BB gun, a point she is not happy about at all. But Ricardo took it a step further by dipping the pellet in possum bacteria.


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This doesn’t bode well for Payton who falls so ill that he’s rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, this takes his mother, Georgina, away from the trip she was supposed to take with her lover Brigitte.

This show is a hot mess, isn’t it?

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