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Photo: The Spy.. Image Courtesy David Lukacs/Netflix
Photo: The Spy.. Image Courtesy David Lukacs/Netflix /

Show Snob recaps and explains the finale of Netflix’s The Spy, starring Sacha Baron Cohen. A very well-made series concludes.

At the start of the finale episode of The Spy, we are whisked from Suidani and troops attempting to capture Operative 88. Nadia is at the Syrian embassy in France; she confronts an official over Eli’s arrest.

While Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, debate whether or not to strike the Syrian’s stockade and plan of their own. Then we flashback to 5 months previous, as Eli returns home to see his wife and children.

Simultaneously, Dan attempts to derail the idea to send missiles; it is argued that allowing Operative 88 to become Syrian defense minister is preferable. The latter’s brother suspects 88 is The Spy and is worried for him – the extended family are unaware of 88’s mission.

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At home, Nadia worries Eli is getting boastful; he also yells at Dan for giving his brother a job with Mossad. Eli argues with a security officer as well and is arrested – Dan the handler ensures his release.

Nadia presses for the truth – the pair continue lying to her. Though Eli is also confused about his role, Dan convinces him to carry out his orders to take the position with the government.

Insomnia and nightmares appear to disrupt Eli’s mood. He admits he’s scared to go back; Nadia wants him to quit whatever he is doing. Yet Eli prepares to return to Syria.

Upon arrival, the latter is asked of his decision, he tells them he’ll inform the president first. Suidani uses surveillance to track 88’s transmissions but is unsuccessful. An airstrike is confirmed by Mossad agents in charge of 88.

Meanwhile, the president of Syria divulges the information that Yasser Arafat will train Palestine soldiers on Syrian soil. Then Shallal is bombed successfully. While reporting the news, Eli is located by Suidani’s Russian cohorts. Troops along with Suidani then arrest Eli and inform Mossad of his capture.

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Therefore Dan has to let Nadia know the development; she is nervous about the news. Ma’zai and others connected to 88 are also taken by military forces and tortured along with Eli.

French human rights lawyer, Jacques Mercier, tries in vain to have Eli released. After being beaten as well, the protagonist writes a letter to his wife with a Rabbi. Afterward The Spy is paraded to a hostile crowd before being hanged to death; his body was publicly displayed for six days. Though his work led to an important Israeli victory against the Syrians, his body was never returned to home.