The Crown season 3 episode 9 recap, explained: Imbroglio

Photo: Ben Daniels in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Des Willie/Netflix
Photo: Ben Daniels in The Crown: Season 3.. Image Courtesy Des Willie/Netflix /

Show Snob recaps and explains the penultimate episode of Netflix’s acclaimed third series of The Crown. The Windsors make their feelings about Camilla clear.

The Crown season three, episode nine launches with the burial of Edward or “David”, Duke of Windsor. His widow, the Duchess, thanks Prince Charles for his correspondence and companionship in the last months; bequeathing him a compass pocket watch once belonging to the Duke.

In addition, the Duchess offers Charles relationship advice about his beloved Camilla: ‘true love conquers all’, and to ‘watch out for his family’, to paraphrase. Camilla is spooked by the former; while Charles is more concerned with his role as the new “David” in his family’s eyes.

A miners’ strike means a shortage of coal and eventual blackout in England. Prime minister Heath assures the Queen that the stoppage in work will cease soon; she counters that the demands are seemingly fair. Though he stands firm. Consequently the Queen tells Prince Philip that she isn’t enamoured with Heath; while Philip says Heath is damaged from past courting.

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Charles’ connection with the Shand girl, aka Camilla, is next on the agenda; Philip is sure she is only a fling. Simultaneously Charles is undertaking training for the Navy; he confesses his feelings for Camilla. She, however, speaks of worry about her love for Parker Bowles before the phone call ends.

Next, Charles receives a visit from uncle Dickie Mountbatten; although he is pining for his romance, who is “the one”. Mountbatten is asked for help in persuading the Royals of Camilla’s suitability for marriage.

However, The Queen Mother and Mountbatten conspire to end the courtship. At a cabinet meeting, the Mining Union is represented by Arthur Scargill, whose blustery ways are intended to threaten Heath into backtracking on the government’s stance. Yet Heath responds strongly to the insults or preconceptions; warning sternly that undemocratic actions by the union will not be tolerated. A stand-off is the outcome.

Power cuts will begin forthwith; even Buckingham Palace and hospitals will be affected. Restrictions on the usage of electricity are implemented, along with Heath suggesting that no waste be conducted in households.

Camilla’s parents and Andrew Parker Bowles’ mother and father attend a delicate meeting with the Queen Mother; she intends to interrupt her grandson’s affair. At the same time, Charles is qualified as an officer and given six-month overseas duty; another ploy to distance he and Camilla.

Therefore, understanding the maneuvers, Charles travels home from the base to rendezvous with his mother, the Queen. Bringing up his post in the Caribbean, Charles asks if it was an intended ruse to separate the couple: the Queen denies the plan. Of course, the audience knows that Mountbatten and the Queen Mother are at fault. Though Charles insists that he won’t stand for it.

Subsequently, the Queen Mother suggests that non-Royals are not suitable for a position as high as Queen: because of the precarious system. While the Queen seems unsure this is fair on Charles.

Then Mountbatten informs the reigning monarch of Anne’s dalliance with Parker Bowles. She is bombarded by an inquisition from the hierarchy, who want answers about Camilla. Anne admits she had “fun” with Parker Bowles, as well as the fact there’ll be three in any marriage as Camilla is obsessed with him.

We learn that the Queen Mother orchestrated the marriage of Camilla Shand to Andrew Parker Bowles; the Queen approves. Someone must now let Charles know of the development; Mountbatten is nominated.

Upon hearing the news, Charles appears very upset; he calls Camilla who acknowledges loving Parker Bowles. Not to mention that she has feelings for Charles too. But it is, apparently, better for everyone to dissolve their liaison.

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Whereas the Queen’s attention turns to the blackout, due to dwindling stockpiles of coal. Additionally, she feels that the miners have been undermined; Heath remains convicted in his original opinion. Writing an anniversary speech doesn’t take the Queen’s mind away from pity for Charles. A scene mirroring her declaration with the Parker Bowles’ wedding is played concurrently with a scene of Charles’ woe, ends The Crown.