The Crown season 3 finale recap, explained: Cri de Coeur

Photo: Olivia Colman in The Crown Season 3.. Courtesy of Des Willie / Netflix
Photo: Olivia Colman in The Crown Season 3.. Courtesy of Des Willie / Netflix /

The finale of Netflix’s The Crown season three focuses on Princess Margaret, her relationship breakdown and family matters.

The Queen is concerned to arrive at midday at Margaret’s home to find the Princess still drunk; the latter informs her sister that her husband has already moved on with another woman. Lord Snowdon courts his new girlfriend at a cottage; he tells her that he detests the Windsors and that he is now in love with her on The Crown.

Next, Margaret’s friend suggests living apart from her partner; though the former replies that her and Snowdon’s ‘love is war’. Prince Philip and the Queen discuss the poor political landscape and country’s prospects. Although, she concentrates her attention on throwing Margaret a party.

At the birthday dinner, Margaret announces that she and Snowdon are separated; she also wants a Royal embargo against him. Her family makes light of this request whilst divulging their admiration of Snowdon. This causes Margaret to have an outburst at them for siding with her estranged husband.

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Subsequently, Margaret travels to her friend Anne Tennant’s house; at a party there she meets new flame, Roddy. We also learn that her marriage is abusive as well as discovering her excessive drinking and pharmaceutical dependence.

Roddy and Margaret go shopping in the local town to provocatively buy him swimwear. While there she also lets him know that she is parted from her other half. Back at the mansion they go swimming and have a soiree where the latter entertains with her singing and pianist skills.

Meanwhile, the Queen rendezvous with Snowdon; he gives her an old picture of her along with Philip, then a compliment. After showcasing personally designed Silver Jubilee memorabilia to her Majesty, Snowdon is asked to return to his wife. In response Snowdon declines due to Margaret’s fling with the kind, but slightly naive, Roddy.

The former couple goes on holiday to the Island of Mustique; in the Caribbean, they continue their affair. Along the way, Margaret explains her happiness through a metaphor, before paparazzi take photographs of Roddy applying suntan lotion to her. Thusly creating a scandal for The Crown, as she is still married; The Queen Mother demands her daughter’s immediate homecoming.

Simultaneously Snowdon expresses the unfortunate nature of the pictures but apprised his lover of the fact that his marriage is still viable. Upon meeting, Snowdon denounces Roddy and his relationship with Margaret; she argues with her husband so her boyfriend leaves.

Prime minister Harold Wilson has Alzheimer’s disease; the Queen speaks comfortingly with him. Expressing her respect, she arranges a privileged banquet at Downing Street to honour Heath. Unfortunately Margaret – whether fully intentionally or not remains to be seen – takes an overdose.

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However, Margaret confesses possibly meaning to end her own life; she is recovering after a painful ordeal. Roddy has left her, while Snowdon is with his inamorata. The Crown is apparently pleased with the former’s separation from her spouse; the Queen also says to her sister that she is her most close relative.

Additionally, the Queen worries about her impact as monarch and the upcoming Silver Jubilee. Retorting, Margaret reassures her sibling that she is conducting a good reign. En route to the celebration is where the series ends.