BoJack Horseman season 6, episode 11 recap: Sunk Cost and All That

Things are getting awfully complicated for BoJack Horseman.

BoJack Horseman is getting super serious, folks. And I say that because, at the end of the last episode, BoJack got a call from Charlotte regarding the reporters hounding her. This turned into a full-blown panic attack and luckily for BoJack, his friends were right around the corner to help.

It’s about time that everyone learns about what happened in New Mexico. Princess Carolyn tries to reassure him that he didn’t do anything wrong, but we all know Diane is not going to feel that way.

I feel for BoJack at this point because he’s come so far. He’s made amends, worked on himself and his sobriety, and that’s precisely when things go really, really wrong for him. Considering how much the reporters want to get a hold of BoJack, it’s probably indicative that there is something bigger at play here.

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And so begins a night of writing down every horrible thing BoJack Horseman has done in his life–and it’s a lot. I forgot how horrible he’s been in his past, but hey, he’s trying to be a better person er horse.

Now, who would be the absolute worst animal to try and get information about BoJack from? Mr. Peanutbutter, of course. And the poor thing is already trying to deal with the whole Pickles situation and forcing her to cheat him on because he cheated on her.

Side note: Pickles ends up sleeping with Joey, realizing she does like him, and then proceeds to follow him on tour as a social media manager. Oh, Mr. Peanutbutter, whatever do you get yourself into?!

I am really into the underlying messages of this season, and there is plenty to take away from BoJack’s storyline here. He’s struggling to remind people that he’s gotten better and improved, but the old version of him is coming back to haunt him. It’s something we’ve seen in the industry time and time again, and I think it’s important to shed light on something like this.

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The Hollywoo Reporter calls Diane to ask about BoJack and it’s at this point we realize things are getting out of hand. Diane really wants him to tell the truth but it doesn’t pan out that way. Instead, when the reporter calls, he lies about the whole ordeal, even though Mr. Peanutbutter accidentally spilled the beans anyway.

Diane couldn’t be more disappointed, but Princess Carolyn isn’t going to give up. And because of this love and support, BoJack decides he will tell the truth. If he has changed, then is his opportunity to show the world.

Good luck, BoJack Horseman–we’re with you!

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