American Horror Story Season 10 update: Ryan Murphy wants to resume filming this summer

Ryan Murphy is hoping that filming for American Horror Story Season 10 might be able to resume this summer if we are lucky.

Show Snob formerly reported that American Horror Story Season 10 could be delayed until next year due to the “weather-dependent” theme and inability to continue production amid the pandemic. Still, there might be good news on the horizon for fans.

Earlier today, Digital Spy reported that Murphy had responded to a joke made on Instagram by a fan who teasingly said it felt like we were all currently starring in a season of American Horror Story.

Murphy shared the joke on his own social media page alongside a caption stating he hoped to begin filming “later this summer.” He added that he would start sending out checks to all of us starring in this pandemic-based season later this week if anyone could guess the American Horror Story Season 10 theme in his comments section.

We do not yet know what the theme of the next season will be, but based on the earlier cast announcement video, it seems to be set near a beach, which would fit with the “weather-dependent” hint.

TVGuide compiled a few of the strongest guesses for the Season 10 theme, including a season about cryptids, one about aliens, and even potentially a season about a deadly pyramid scheme.

Right now, it’s anyone’s guess since Murphy loves to keep his fans on their toes.

Aside from AHS, Murphy is also working on a  spin-off called American Horror Stories, which will be more like Black Mirror with every episode telling a  different story rather than each season.

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Are you looking forward to American Horror Story Season 10? Do you have any theories as to what the new season might be about?

American Horror Story is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.