Is the Dark Matter ending the same as in the book by Blake Crouch?

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The Dark Matter finale is here, and it's certainly been a long road for Jason to get back to his family and as we saw in the last episode, keep them safe. Thankfully, he was able to do that and he, Daniela, and Charlie end up going into the Box to find another reality to live in since there's is now overrun by multiples of Jasons. Who saw that coming!? It's an interesting ending and it's kind of left open-ended in a way and we have a few questions still. So is that how the book ends too?

If you didn't know, the Apple TV+ series is based on the novel of the same name by author Blake Crouch. What's really cool is that he's the one who created and wrote the show, meaning he was able to adapt his own material. That means the events that happened have all been true to the source material. At least most of them. So what about the ending? That would be a yes. Sort of.

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What happens by the end of the series

Yes, the Dark Matter ending in the show is the same ending in the book to an extent. So the fact that multiple Jasons show up in the OG world does happen. In the series, we see that many of them have a violent streak but in the end, their mutual love for Daniela and Charlie wins out and they let the family go through the Box. And spearheading that effort is Jason2. Then, Jason tells Charlie to choose where they should go since he shouldn't make the decision based on the many Jasons that have already popped up, and the trio step into a new reality. And in both the show and the novel, this new home is ambiguous and we don't get details as to what it looks like or where they are.

Though after everything they've all gone through, especially Jason, we're going to assume that they get a happy ending and they find a peaceful and nice place. Perhaps one that's similar to the one Amanda stayed behind in? They certainly deserve it. As she points out, no world is perfect. But hers is as close to perfect as it can get. And hopefully, that's what the Dessen family has been able to find.

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The book ending

To be honest after everything that happened, the ending of the Apple TV+ adaptation felt a bit anticlimactic to me. And in fact, the way the book ends is more dramatic. So the two mediums are the same in terms of multiple Jasons showing up, all of them challenging each other thinking they should be the ones with Daniela and Charlie, and the Dessen family finally finding peace and making their way to a new world through the Box. So those plot lines are all the same.

However where the series and novel differ is how Jason, Daniela, and Charlie are able to get to the Box. In the show, Jason2 convinces all the others to let the family through and leave them alone. And that's how they're able to get away. But in the book, Jason and Jason2 actually fight each other and Jason2 isn't as willing to let them go. In self defense, Jason ends up killing Jason2 and another iteration of himself. After that happens, he realizes they need to leave their reality to find somewhere else that's safe. And that's what they do. Jason allows Charlie to pick the place, and off the family goes.

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Plus actually another big change from the novel is that Amanda and Jason2 were never a couple. They were only colleagues. And, the story in the pages has Amanda kind of vanish in the book and we don't know what happens to her. She just leaves a note for Jason, and there's never a resolve of where she ends up. But obviously, the Apple TV+ series changed that and we know she's in as close to a utopia as she can get. And she deserves it!

I'll be honest, I'm the type of person who likes straightforward endings. I don't like open-ended ones unless there's a sequel movie, second season, or a follow-up book that's coming our way. And I know this is a device many writers and directors like to use sometimes, but I just want an answer. Tell me how things end for characters! So, I'm not a huge fan of the way the sci-fi thriller has come to a conclusion - both the show and the book - especially since there's still so many loose ends. But, I can say I'm at least mostly satisfied with the Dark Matter ending. And no, if you were wondering. Crouch did not write a second novel. So this is the end, end. What do you think about it?

All nine episodes of Dark Matter are now streaming on Apple TV+.

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