The Man with 1000 Kids and more titles to stream this weekend (July 6-7, 2024)

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This weekend, July 6 and July 7, 2024, is a bit light when it comes to new releases and content. But that doesn't mean there's absolutely nothing to watch. Weekends are usually a great time to also catch up on new episodes that have dropped during the week that you may not have had time to tune in to. Especially since this week was Fourth of July in the U.S.! Here's what came out this past week:

  • Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants, new docuseries premiere July 2 on Max
  • The Man with 1000 Kids, new docuseries premiere July 3 on Netflix
  • Red Swan, new international drama series premiere July 3 on Hulu
  • Land of Tanabata, new international drama series premiere July 4 on Hulu
  • Land of Women, new episode released July 3 on Apple TV+
  • Trying season 4, finale released July 3 on Apple TV+
  • The Boys season 4, new episode released July 4 on Prime Video
  • Presumed Innocent, new episode released July 5 on Apple TV+
  • Desperate Lies, new international drama series premiere July 5 on Netflix

Love Island season 6 also released new episodes Thursday and Friday on Peacock, and we have two more to look forward to tonight (Saturday), as well as one tomorrow on Sunday. Plus, there's new episodes of House of the Dragon season 2 on Max, Hotel Cocaine on MGM+, and Orphan Black: Echoes on AMC+ all on Sunday. It's certainly a jam-packed day!

So whether you've been following these shows and tune in each week or you're getting a chance to see some of the new releases that have come out earlier, there's still plenty to watch. Below, we highlighted 4 of the titles mentioned above. Get the details!

Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants

Premiered Tuesday, July 2 on Max

Sports fans, this one is for you. Especially for those who love football! Hard Knocks has become a popular docuseries franchise on HBO and Max, and now the company has a new one you can check out. Hard Knocks: Offseason with the New York Giants premiered Tuesday, July 2 with the first episode. There's a total of 5 episodes, with one coming out weekly until July 30. We shared the release schedule below:

  • Episode 1 - July 2
  • Episode 2 - July 9
  • Episode 3 - July 16
  • Episode 4 - July 23
  • Episode 5 - July 30

The new docuseries gives viewers an inside look at how the New York Giants prepare for games not only when it's not football season, but they're also preparing for a landmark season - their 100th! General manager Joe Schoen and other staff members get ready for this "critical offseason period," per the synopsis.

The Man with 1000 Kids

Premiered Wednesday, July 3 on Netflix

Documentaries are some of my favorites, especially when there's crazy stories. And with just how big this world is, there's a lot of crazy tales that do actually happen. One of them is The Man with 1000 Kids that premiered with all 3 episodes on Netflix Wednesday, July 3. And as the title suggests, this guy is a "serial sperm donor," per the trailer. The Dutch YouTuber, Jonathan Meijer, is allegedly going around the world to convince moms to have his babies. And the docuseries explores how families across the world are coming together to try and put a stop to it. We shared the synopsis below:

"The Man With 1000 Kids uncovers the gripping tale of a charming Dutch scammer, Jonathan Meijer, who is accused of traveling the world deceiving mothers into having his babies on a mass scale. The three-part series investigates the murky world of the fertility industry and uncovers how due to a lack of global regulations, some international fertility clinics continue to allow anonymous donations.

With exclusive access to a group of passionate and aggrieved parents, this series unravels the twisting and turning story of this YouTuber who defrauded parents from all around the world, and how they are now on a mission to push for a change in the law to prevent him deceiving more."

Desperate Lies

Premiered Friday, July 5 on Netflix

Speaking of wild pregnancy stories, Netflix also had a new international title added to its roster on Friday, July 5. Brazilian series Desperate Lies is a fictional tale centered around Liana. Her dream is to become a mother, and she ends up pregnant with twins - though each one has a different biological father due to a "scientific rarity" called heteroparental superfertilization, per the synopsis.

Before becoming pregnant, Liana had left her husband, Tomás, after she finds out he cheated on her. And that same night, she's sexually assaulted. And that's what leads to her dual pregnancy. In the 17-episode drama, we see Liana dealing with this discovery, trying to keep it a secret, and attempts to sort out the feelings of confusion and whether she "will be able to love both children equally."

Hotel Cocaine Season 1 Episode 103
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Hotel Cocaine

New episode streaming Sunday, July 7 on MGM+

A show that's sort of been a hit or miss is Hotel Cocaine on MGM+. The drug cartel drama series premiered on June 16, and episode 4 is set to stream on Sunday, July 7. So far the show has gotten off to a rocky start, with the plot jumping around too much. But, hey. If you're enjoying it, who am I to stop you?

The fourth episode titled "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" sees Roman's family become targets of Yolanda Guerra's wrath when she discovers that Roman (Danny Pino) saved Nestor's life, per the synopsis. She's also not happy as she has to come back and "take matters into her own hands" after a failed assassination attempt. We've reached the halfway point as Hotel Cocaine has a total of 8 episodes. We shared the release schedule of the remaining episodes below:

  • Episode 4 - July 7
  • Episode 5 - July 14
  • Episode 6 - July 21
  • Episode 7 - July 28
  • Episode 8 - Aug. 4

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