True Detective Makes Variety’s Best of 2014


It’s all the rage right now to put together best-of 2014 lists, whether they consist of films, television, or both. Therefore it was only a matter of time before Variety got around to penning their own list, and True Detective was fortunate enough to make the cut.

The list is neither numbered nor rank, but True Detective does come in at the bottom. Which, in this case, probably means little. What does matter is that Variety thought True Detective was noteworthy, which places them firmly in the majority.

Variety wrote their own blurb as well:

"“For all the talk about landing movie talent Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson at an opportune time, movie stars are hardly slumming when presented this kind of material.”"

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There are so many moving cogs in True Detective that work to create the whole, and the writing behind it all is a major one. Other shows that made it include The Good Wife, Game of Thrones, Fargo, and Boardwalk Empire, just to name a few.

Missing are a few of the usual suspects such as Mad Men, House of Cards, and Hannibal.

Variety even singles out True Detective in the opening paragraph, partially putting the blame for such a great year on its shoulders:

"“Blame “True Detective,” in part, which helped kick off 2014 in rousing fashion, but the blurred line between “limited series” and just plain old series has complicated the definition of a “drama.”"

That’s a particular battle which will be settled at this year’s Golden Globes, which will finally see Fargo and True Detective directly compete against each other.

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