Entertainment Weekly Battles Over True Detective


The first season of True Detective wasn’t exactly a divisive affair; the majority of critics have placed it on their best of 2014 lists. Even while airing True Detective was quick to garner serious praise.

Apparently that’s not the case everywhere, as Entertainment Weekly is currently having it out over True Detective’s rightful place.

True Detective is currently the subject of Entertainment Weekly’s “Love it or Loathe it,” in which two opposing writers voice their opinions and then open it up for a vote. The “Love it” writer, Jeff Jensen, brings up the usual fair, such as the acting and characterizations.

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Melissa Maerz, on the other hand, focuses most of the attention on the ending. Now, we are no fans of the way True Detective ended. However, a recent poll of ours concluded that fans had no such problem.

For Maerz, the ending was enough to ruin the entire experience. While we wouldn’t go that far, the ending of True Detective’s first season does have some issues.

They have their own poll up to find out what the fans think, but we have no reason to believe that their results will be any different from our own.

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