Rumor: True Detective Sending Out Eerie Promo Packages?


True Detective is fresh off a devastating loss at the Golden Globes, but life must move on. Possibly in the form of bizarre and unnerving True Detective related packages. After the first season of True Detective aired, HBO sent out fantastic promo packages to certain lucky artists and celebrities.

It looks like they may be repeating that tactic, but this time as promotional material for True Detective’s upcoming second season. Apparently, a popular cartoonist received a strange series of letters culminating in a True Detective-esque box.

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This comes courtesy of the blog Radio Free North Hollywood, which claims that cartoonist Stephen Notley received the package. Notley is the artist for Bob the Angry Flower, and is not immediately within True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto’s sphere. But it looks like he might be a fan.

The package and letters seem to relate to not only the King in Yellow, but also other cosmic horror writings. If this turns out to be legitimate — and only time can tell — it would mean that True Detective hasn’t dropped that unique sense of horror that the first season had.

The items in question are so obvious in their True Detective nature that it’s difficult to imagine them being related to anything else. However, without confirmation of any sort that is strictly a rumor. If True Detective is gearing up its promotion for season two we should start seeing definite signs of it shortly.

This sure is one hell of way to start the True Detective season two promotion blitz, that’s for sure. It fits in perfectly with the mood of the show and even acts as a bit of fan service. You can check a picture of the statue (!!!) below, but make sure you don’t get too excited until we know for sure what’s going on.

The rest of the photos can be seen over at Radio Free North Hollywood.

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Via: Reddit

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