True Detective Season Two: Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch Film Gunfight (Photo)


The second season of True Detective has so far been in production for several months. Although we haven’t gotten much in the way of official information — outside of a recent Vince Vaughn interview — we have had a mostly steady stream of on-set photo leaks.

This newest set of photos give us shots of Taylor Kitsch and Colin Farrell in L.A. The two appear to be involved in an intense gunfight. This sort of public spectacle in broad daylight wasn’t exactly the first season’s style, but we’ve known for some time that season two was going to be different.

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When we first started hearing details about True Detective’s second season it didn’t look like L.A was going to factor in much. In an early interview creator Nic Pizzolatto stated that he was more interested in focusing on smaller Californian suburbs instead of Los Angeles.

At some point down the line that seems to have changed. That is, as far as we can tell. It feels as if we’re starting to get over a hurdle in True Detective’s production. Even though we don’t have all that much to go in, it feels as if we’re getting close to some sort of media-blitz.

The Vince Vaughn interview will likely just be the first of many. It’s expected that the other leads will soon participate in their own interviews. Unfortunately the waiting just gets harder everyday, especially when we’re treated to leaks like these. And to job your memory a bit, photos of Colin Farrell were among the first of those to leak back in November.

You can see one of the shots below and check out the rest over at The Daily Mail.

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