The Production of True Detective Season Two in 5 Photo Leaks


The second season of True Detective is almost here, and the announcement seems to have killed the leaked photo market. We haven’t seen anything turn up at least since HBO pulled the cork on True Detective and showed us the first teaser.

Since True Detective is a very private production, all we had to go on for too long were various photo leaks from the set. Now that those have seemingly dried up, we’d like to revisit some of the best of the best. These choices represent the closest that we could get to True Detective’s second season while filming.

So relax and take a look back at what True Detective looked like before the teaser trailer put it all together.

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5. Rachel McAdams Finally Appears

Filming 'True Detectives' in downtown Los Angeles
Filming 'True Detectives' in downtown Los Angeles /

This is the first photo that we saw of Rachel McAdams on the set of True Detective. She can be seen here with Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch, both who appeared in photo leaks long before this one. Rachel McAdams was something of a mystery, but it worked out as we’ve seen plenty of her on set since this first photo.

It was pretty rare to see the more than two True Detective leads in a single photo, so this one was a big deal. It’s also worth noting that Colin Farrell still has his mustache in this one, but that wouldn’t stick around for too much longer.

4. Vince Vaughn Walks as Frank Semyon

UdsckeS /

This photo and the series of leaks that it came from feature some great shots of Vince Vaughn in character as Frank Semyon. Semyon is set to be the villain of the series, but since True Detective walks a gray line, expect to see some of the “good guys” acting villainous and vice-versa. Vince Vaughn cuts quite a nice figure on that suit, doesn’t he?

This was before we got to see Vaughn in action so there was still some doubt going around as to whether or not he could pull it off. But even looking back at this photo you can see how he could be menacing.

3. Taylor Kitsch and Colin Farrell Film Gunfight

259E40C700000578-0-image-m-16_1423787924862 /

This was one of the rare True Detective action shots that we got. Most of the photo leaks that we saw featured the actors in downtime or just walking across the set. In fact, it’s possible that this is the only action-oriented set of leaks that we saw during the entire production.

The gunfight features Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch, and will most likely be a center-piece of the season. We don’t know whether or not True Detective will try their hand at something like Rust’s tracking-shot raid again, but if they do this might be when it happens.

2. Colin Farrell Ditches the Mustache

rachel-mcadams-colin-farrell-true /

The double-shot of a stylish Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn is possibly the most important leak that we saw. As you may have already noticed, Colin Farrell is without his faithful mustache in this shot. This leads us to believe that the second season of True Detective will feature some sort of time-jump.

Or maybe he just gets sick of it and shaves it off. Could go either way.

1. Colin Farrell Enters

236296DC00000578-0-image-27_1416682563690 /

This photo is part of the very first True Detective season two photo leaks. Colin Farrell was the first actor caught on the set of True Detective, and it happened all the way back in November. This means that we’ve been following the production of True Detective‘s second season for about six months.

Thankfully, it will all be wrapping up soon. True Detective season two will premiere on June 21st, and we are more than ready to get down to some serious business.