Will Lera Lynn make an appearance in every episode of True Detective season two?


True Detective season two has a flowing theme besides its obsession with darkness: singer-songwritter Lera Lynn. Lynn has so far made an appearance in every episode of True Detective season two. She can be seen in the bar where Frank Semyon usually meets Ray Velcoro.

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AKA, the best scenes of the show so far.

All the songs that we’ve seen Lynn perform so far have appeared on the True Detective soundtrack  track-list after being debuted on the show. The takeaway here is that the True Detective soundtrack, which will release on August 14th, will heavily feature the minimalist folk stylings of Lynn.

Having Lera Lynn cameo in every episode of True Detective is not a bad idea, and shows us that T. Bone Burnett is especially proud of the music this time around. In a recent interview, Burnett said that season two would feature more original music. Lynn has obviously had a hand in that, contributing at least vocals to many songs on the soundtrack.

Having a performer in the bar every time Semyon and Velcoro meet — though it’s unlikely they’ll be meeting there next episode — is a way to show off those original songs in a spot in which most shows would use insert music.

For those unfamiliar with the term, insert music is a previously recorded song placed in a scene. Like a Rolling Stones song.

True Detective is banking heavily on the music created by T. Bone Burnett and Lera Lynn. That’s likely why we’ll be seeing a soundtrack release for this season, unlike season one. The stark sounds that they’ve created for True Detective fit the mood well, so not only do we expect to see more of Lynn, we’re also hoping for it as well.

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