This Week in True Detective: 2015 Emmy Edition (Week of 7/13/2015)


This Week in True Detective is a feature that aims to bring you the best True Detective happenings of the week. This could include breaking news, popular articles, or anything else that people found interesting or may have missed.

This week in True Detective is a day late, but still perfectly edible. Outside of talking about the best episode of True Detective season two so far, not all that much went on over the past week. We welcomed a new writer, Jordan Belcher, who contribute two wild editorials this week. The 2015 Emmy nominations also came out this week, so it’s not as if there wasn’t plenty to talk about.

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  • Let’s start things off right. Here is our review of True Detective’s lsat episode, “Down Will Come.” We also took a look at the preview for tomorrow’s True Detective, “Other Lives.”
  • True Detective’s last episode featured a co-writer for the first time. Is that why the episode hit all the right notes for us? Rachel McAdams also had a thing or two to say about that shootout.
  • We took a look at the slow pace of True Detective season two so far. Our conclusion? it knows what it’s doing.
  • Richie Coster, the man behind Mayor Chessani, talked about playing a drunken, corrupt, sleaze.
  • The 2015 Emmy nominations came out, and True Detective wasn’t nominated. But due to its summer premiere, it was never eligible in the first place.
  • A new writer, Jordan Belcher, joined our team and contributed two excellent editorials. One on the “Rule of Five,” and the other trying to get to the bottom of True Detective season two’s Dr. Pitlor.
  • Finally, Lera Lynn made a reappearance in last week’s True Detective and the song she premiered has made its debut on YouTube.

And that’s your week in True Detective. Don’t let the 2015 Emmy nominations get you’d own; True Detective may still have a chance in 2016. There will be a new episode of True Detective tonight and we’ll be there to live tweet the festivities. Make sure to join  us!

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